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The good, the bad and the dizziness of the new ‘Bill & Ted’ trailer

Give the struggling phone booth industry the shot it needs. Bill & Ted face the music is expected to be released later this summer. The third episode of the popular series shows that the middle-aged couple have trouble writing the song, which is a new utopian course for humanity, and … um, folks, if you didn’t notice, we might Really
use this damn song now. In addition to a new trailer –

– We have also learned that the film does not delay its release drastically and appears on video-on-demand platforms and
“Selected theater”

; on September 1st. That means you can either watch it from the comfort of your own home or in a darkened room with a group of germinated strangers. Your call.

But as excited as we are to get a highly anticipated new film about VOD that has nothing to do with half-naked musical trolls, a strange moment comes in the trailer when Bill and Ted are in pairs consulting with their wives Princesses who saved her / kidnapped her from history. And they look surprisingly young …

The good, the bad and the dizziness of the new 'Bill & Ted' trailerOrion

Yes, it turns out this are not
the actresses who played the princesses in one of the two previous films, but rather joyJayma Mays and Kevin can waitErinn Hayes. While the roles were also filled between Excellent adventure and Illusory tripNow they are played by actresses who are more than a decade away from their husbands. Bill’s wife is played by a woman fourteen years younger than actor Alex Winter, while Princess Johanna was originally portrayed by an actress for four years older as winter. And she’s only thirteen years older than the actress who plays hers daughter.

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