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The exciting adventures of the corpse of Alexander the great

Alexander III From Macedonia was one of the greatest adventurers in history. His life was dedicated to exploring countries and cultures to cry and then call Dibs. So it is only fitting that a man whose entire life was full of adventure, even in death, saw more action than the average mortal.

In July 323 BC A 32-year-old Alexander the Great died in Babylon’s halls partying too hard.

Alexander WK

But the young and beautiful corpse did not have a good time. During the long funeral procession home, his body traveled back in style, placed in a solid gold coffin and dipped in honey, a preservation process that turned its remains into what has been academically and deliciously called “human mummy candy”. But it wasn’t long before that honey-iced corpse turned into another sticky jam. During the transit, it was kidnapped by the emperor’s old boarding school buddy, Ptolemy. He took Alexander on a detour to Egypt, where he pulled the corpse out of its coffin-like Excalibur from the stone in order to gain fame with his possessions and to strengthen his claim to the throne.

For the next 700 years, the Ptolemy Pharaohs remained the owners of the honey-laminated collector’s item and buried the body in Alexandria’s capital of the same name. Alexander then saw a further surge in post-death popularity during the Roman Empire, whose emperors considered his grave to be the main holiday destination. Many, including Emperor Augustus, traveled to Alexandria specifically to pay respect to the late great conqueror. Although this respect often included light grave robbery, many left a souvenir in the form of Alexander’s jewels or armor.

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