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The difference between stuffing and dressing

For carbohydrate lovers, a Thanksgiving meal is nothing better than a filling – a scoop of bread, celery, mushrooms, and other ingredients that complement the whole turkey protein.

Some people do not say filling though. They say dressing . In these catastrophic times, it seems necessary to know how to properly relate to the giant globe insulin spike bread. What is the difference?

Let's have a theory off the peg: dressing and stuffing do not correlate with the preparation of the garnish. A turkey can be filled with dressing, and the filling can be served in a casserole dish. Whether a bird was ever seen from within is irrelevant, and anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong and should be confronted with suspicion, if not downright mocking.

The terms are actually separated by regional dialects. Dressing appears to be the preferred descriptor for southern states such as Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina and Georgia, while filling is favored by Maine, New York and other northern areas. (Some parts of Pennsylvania call it Filling which is a bit on the nose, but on its own.)

When Filling comes from the usual practice of filling a turkey with carbohydrates, why the division? According to HuffPost, this may have been because the Southerners considered the word filling rude and therefore never accepted it.

While you should not find any significant difference when visiting relatives to ask about stuffing or clothing, this may be the case. Be helpful if you stick to the regionally preferred word to avoid confusion. Have fun stuffing.

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