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The deadly and tragic fire-fighting foam – fire fighting cancer lawsuits

Have you been diagnosed with cancer after exposure to fire foam? Aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) used to extinguish liquid-based fires such as those caused by gas or jet fuel can potentially be dangerous to humans. AFFF is used exclusively for fire fighting. These chemicals in fire-fighting foam can increase your risk of certain types of cancer or cause other non-cancer problems such as birth defects, obesity, and diabetes. Firefighters, military personnel, airport personnel, and those who work in the oil or gas industry may be particularly at risk for cancer caused by AFFF.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer after repeated exposure to fire foam, you should contact a fire foam cancer attorney to see if you are eligible for compensation for:

Medical bills and expenses related to your cancer treatment;
Compensation for pain and suffering,
lost wages or lost future employability,
and other related damage.
The well-known health risks associated with AFFF are just too great to ignore. The AFFF foam cancer lawsuit is currently the subject of litigation in multiple counties, and all lawsuits in the United States are pending in federal court in South Carolina before Judge Richard Gergel. In other words, if you file an AFFF foam lawsuit, your case will be grouped in a single federal court in South Carolina, presided over by Judge Gergel.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have long warned of the link between AFFF and cancer. In fact, the CDC is currently investigating the contamination of drinking water by fire-fighting foam.

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Understand the risk between fire fighting foam and cancer
The greatest risk of cancer from fire fighting foam is for people who have been exposed for a long period of time, especially without understanding the risk. This is often true of firefighters, military personnel, airport workers, and other workers who have been exposed to AFFF throughout their careers.

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