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The dark war behind the Pokemon story

I recently received some information that really grabbed me from the Pokeballs. I was told that I was looking at it Pokémon Franchise completely wrong. You see, there are those of us who play the games and see the anime and believe that Pokémon is so healthy and light that you could spread it on pancakes. It is the story of a boy on a journey of friendship and wonder as he interacts with magical creatures. Yes, although many have pointed out that these creatures essentially live in bondage, this is only one aspect of the point that I will address today. There is a second part to the terrible reality of the Pokemon universe, and that reality is the theory of the Great Pokemon War.

The theory is simple. A great war took place in Kanto, or perhaps in the larger Pokemon realm, and although little is known about why or for how long, our consideration of Pokemon begins after this war. It explains so many of the questions that were difficult to grasp for a long time, much like a piece of shit that Starmie did with Double Team for the 1

8th time. For example, where is Ash / Red’s father or Gary / Blue’s father? Why does it actually seem like almost an entire generation of adults is missing from history? It is because they all died in the great Pokemon war.

Only a repressive regime can shape such a square society. BulbapediaOnly a repressive regime can shape such a square society.

In fact, we know that there is a war because the third cantonal gym manager, Lt. Surge, told us about it. Surge says: “I Tell yourself, child, electric Pokémon saved me during the war! You paralyzed my enemies!“Red shrugs because not even stories of paraplegic soldiers should stop you in your search for the best, but ooof is the gruesome stuff for a ten year old.

It also leads you to re-examine Team Rocket, who appear horribly militaristic in their practices for what is supposed to be a crime syndicate. They wear matching uniforms and strive for world domination. Giovanni, their leader, even speaks of “bringing Team Rocket back to its former glory”. What kind of past fame could an already massive network of criminals responsible for big companies like Silph Co. hope for? My guess? This is a former military unit and similar to the stormtroopers after the fall of the empire in war of starsTeam Rocket also stayed close after losing in the Great Pokemon War.

Or, who knows, this is just a silly game for kids with enough random plot points to tell any story you damn well like. But I think something deeper is going on here. The world presented to us is a story with Ash / Red’s eyes. The Pokemon world is The hunger Games. It’s a post-war world order in which people rule Pokemon and force them to fight to entertain the citizens. The reason why we consider it a happy-go-lucky utopia is that Ash / Red is one of the bootlickers bought on board. He is content to play the games of his imperialist overlords as long as he can make friends along the way.

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