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The Cupertino Effect: 11 spell check mistakes that made it to the press

Typos and other mistakes have always found their way into print in most publications. Take, for example, the case of the Wicked Bible, which in 1631 accidentally omitted "19459003" and not "19459004" in "Thou shalt not commit adultery." But the beginning of word processing and the associated spelling programs introduced a new kind of mistake, now sometimes known as Cupertino. It is a kind of older cousin of the error "Damn You, Autocorrect" who infects even professionally edited text. It was named by workers to the European Union who remarked that the word cooperation often appeared in finished documents as Cupertino the name of a city in California. Ben Zimmer has tracked Cupertinos for years on Language Log. Here are some good ones.

. 1
Cooperation / Cupertino

"Coordination with the World Bank's Southeastern Europe Transport and Trade Facilitation Program will be of particular importance in the area of ​​trade facilitation and will be implemented through regular review mechanisms and direct cupertino."

From a report by the European Agency for Reconstruction, described here.

2. Cooperation / Copulation

"The Heads of State and Government congratulated the SATCC on its crucial role in strengthening copulation and speeding up the implementation of regional programs in this strategic sector."

From a communiqué of the Southern African Development Community described here

3. Highfalutin / High Flatulent

"Clips from former President Bill Clinton and former candidate John Edwards are also being used." Rhetoric is not enough. High flatulence is not enough, "says Edwards from a debut appearance."

Wall Street Journal blog, described here.

4. DeMeco Ryans / Demerol

names are particularly prone to the cupertino effect.

"Due to a processing error, a sports article was occasionally convicted on Sunday of the University of Alabama's 6-3 football victory over the University of Tennessee, the first name of a linebacker leader of the Alabama defense, DeMeco Ryan. not Demerol. "

From a correction in The New York Times described here. [19659002] . 5 Muttahida Quami / Muttonhead Quail

"The opposition is accusing the government and the Muttonhead Quail Movement (MQM) operating Karachi of violence."

By Reuters.

6. Reject / Reject

Cupertinos also result from the correction of errors that should not be corrected.

"The fact that she writes her Twitter messages using a portable device without being checked by her staff has previously led to errors. B. Inviting moderate Muslims to make plans for a mosque near Ground Zero in New York. "

From the Telegraph described here on Language Log. As Zimmer notes, rejects the right word; Palin had actually rejected .

. 7 Truthfulness

"In his regular feature film" The Word, "Mr. Colbert routinely derides Fox News's perfected anti-intellectual populism." Confidence "was his word of the day, he told the viewers with a poker face and mocked the" wordanistas "at Webster, who could refute their existence." I do not trust books, "he explained. "They are all facts and no heart."

Described here from The New York Times The word used by Colbert was Veracity

8. Sua Sponte / Sea sponge

Also foreign words are frequent victims of Cupertino – Sua Sponte the Latin legal term for "of itself"

] "A suitable instruction, which limits the criminal responsibility of the judge in such a law enforcement 'must be provided with a sponge stating that certain acts or omissions alone are insufficient to substantiate a conviction.'

From a trial in a San Francisco appeals court: described here.

9. Doro Wot, Awaze Tibs / Türwot, Aware Ties

"An earlier version of this article falsely referred to the Ethiopian court doro wot as Türwot. In addition, the article falsely stated that ham is expected as a deliberate tie. "

From a correction in The New York Times described here.

10th Socialite / Socialist

Here is an article on Regret The Error, a good source for Cupertino hunters.

"An early version of an Associated Press story about the resignation of David Petraeus and the ensuing scandal falsely referred to Jill Kelley as" Socialist "" and not a celebrity. "

. 11 Prosciutto / Prostitute

One of these examples, which seems too good to be real, was published in 2000 at an Italian food forum and is still there.

"Crumble bread sticks in a mixing bowl Cover with warm water Let it soak for 2 to 3 minutes or until it is soft Discharge Stir in prostitute, provolone, pine nuts, 1/4 cup oil, parsley, salt and pepper Yum!

From a recipe for Braciola described here.

A version of this article was first published in 2013.

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