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"The Crown" Season 3 Trailer Debut

Charley Brewster is a typical teenager: he has a crazy mother, a girlfriend he loves, a crazy best friend … and an enigmatic vampire who lives next door.

For more than 30 years Tom Holland is critical The acclaimed directorial debut has always been an integral part of the Halloween film marathons. To celebrate the season, we've scoured the coffins of the horror classic to discover some things that you may not have known .

. 1 Fright Night was based on "The Boy Who Cried Wolf".

In this case "The Boy Who Cried Vampires". "I started to get annoyed with how funny it would be if a horror movie fan believed a vampire would live next to him," Holland told TVStoreOnline about the making of the movie. "I thought that would be an interesting take on the whole Boy Who Cried Wolf thing. It really tickled my funny bone. I thought it was an adorable idea, but I really had no story for it. "

. 2 Peter Vincent made Fright Night a click.

It was not until Holland caught the character of Roddy McDowall's late-night horror film presenter Peter Vincent that he truly found the story. When Holland talked to a department head from Columbia Pictures about the idea, he realized what The Boy Who Cried Vampire would do: "Of course he's going to Vincent Price!" At that moment the script clicked. "The moment I had Peter Vincent, I had the story," Holland told Dread Central. "Charley Brewster was the engine, but Peter Vincent was the heart."

. 3 Peter Vincent is named after two horror icons.

Peter Cushing and Vincent Price.

. 4 The role of Peter Vincent was for Vincent Price.

"Now, the truth is that when I first went into it, I thought of Vincent Price, but Vincent Price was not physically fit at the time," Holland said. 1

9659006] 5. Roddy McDowall did not want to play the role like Vincent Price did.

When he was cast, Roddy McDowall decided that Peter Vincent had nothing to do with Vincent Price – specifically, he was a terrible actor. "My part is that of an old ham actor," McDowall told the magazine Monster Land in 1985. "I mean a terrible actor." He had a modest success in a scattered movie here and there, but all very bad product. Basically, he played a character for eight or ten films, for which he probably got paid next to nothing. Unlike horror movie stars who are very good actors and play many different roles, like Peter Lorre and Vincent Price or Boris Karloff, this poor son of a bitch always played the same character, which was horrible. "

6 Holland only needed three weeks to write the screenplay Fright Night .

And he had a damn good time with it. "I could not stop writing," Holland said in 2008 during a Fright Night Reunions at the Fright Fest. "I wrote it in about three weeks. And I literally laughed on the floor all the time, hysterically kicking my feet in the air. Because the basic concept in itself contains something so humorous. So there was always something tickling your funny bone, along with the thrill and goose bumps. It was not a broad comedy, but it's a grin to the end. "

7 Tom Holland conducted Fright Night out of" Self-Defense. "

When Fright Night emerged, Holland was already a Hollywood veteran – just not as a director had spent the last two decades as an actor and writer, and he told the crowd at the Fright Fest that "this was the first movie I had enough credibility in Hollywood to direct … I had a film about Psycho 2 and before Fright Night called Scream For Help What … I thought it was so bad that [Director was Fright Night self-defense For self-defense I wanted to protect the material, so I started to stage Fright Night . "

8. Chris Sarandon had a number of reasons to not want Fright Night .

At the Fright Night reunion, Chris Sarandon recalled his initial reaction to the approach to playing the vampire Jerry Dandrige. "I lived in New York and I have the script," he explained. "My agent said someone was interested in making the film, and I said to myself," I can not make a horror movie in any case. I can not do a vampire movie, I can not make a movie with a first-time director. "Not a first-time scriptwriter, but first-time director And I sat down and read the script, and I vividly remember, like myself Sitting at my desk, looking over at my then-wife, saying, "That's incredible, I do not know, I have to meet this guy." And so I came to LA and met Tom [Holland] and our producer and we got it and that was it. "

9. Jerry Dandridge is part of the Fruit Bat.

After doing some research on the history of the vampires and their surrounding legends, Sarandon found that Jerry carried a fruit bat. When asked about the 2011 remake with Colin Farrell, Sarandon commented on how much he appreciates that this specific tradition continues. "In this case, it's an apple, but in the original, Jerry ate all sorts of fruit, because it was just one kind of discovery I made in the search – most bats do not suck blood, but they are fruit bats . " Sarandon told io9. "And I thought there might be fruit bat in it somewhere in Jerry's tree, so I did it."

10. William Ragsdale learned that he had booked the part of Charley Brewster on Halloween.

William Ragsdale had appeared before Fright Night (in parts) only in one movie. Recently, he was considered for the role of Rocky Dennis in Mask which "did not work out," Ragsdale recalled. "But a few months later, [casting director] Jackie Burch says to me," There's this movie I cast. Maybe you are really right. "Well, I had that Toyota Celica in 1976 and drove it for four or five trips to audition through the desert of the San Joaquin Valley. And in the last one Stephen [Geoffreys] was there, Amanda [Bearse] was there and then it happened. I had read the script and at the time I had been playing Shakespeare and Greek drama, so I read that thing and thought, "Well, God, that looks like a lot of fun. There is no … iambic pentameter, there are no rhymes. You know? Where is the catharsis? Where is the tragedy? "… I got a call on Halloween that they had chosen to use me and I was thrilled."

11. Not being Anthony Michael Hall affected Stephen Geoffreys.

Strangely, Stephen Geoffreys, who was not Anthony Michael Hall, was cast as Evil Ed. "I actually met Jackie Burch, the casting director, by mistake in New York, months before this movie was made, and she remembered me," Geoffreys said at the Fright Fest. "My agent has sent me to an audition for Weird Science . And Anthony Michael Hall was with the same agent I was with and she accidentally sent me. And Jackie looked at me as I walked into the office and said, "You're not Anthony Michael Hall!" And I said, "No!" But anyway, I sat down and talked to Jackie for half an hour and she reminded me of this interview and called my agent, and my agent sent me the script while I was doing fraternity leave with Amanda [Bearse] in Palm Springs and I read it. It was fantastic. The writing was incredible. "

12th The evil Ed wanted to be Charley Brewster.

Geoffreys loved the script for Fright Night . "I just have this really great feeling," he said. "I read it and I thought I had to do that." I called my agent and said, "I would like to audition for the role of Charley Brewster!" [And he said] "No, Steve, you will play the role of Evil Ed I could not … What do they see in me that they think I should be? "Well, at least it worked. It was great and I had a great time. "

. 13 Fright Night The original end of the film was very different.

Peter Vincent turned into a vampire – while hosting "Fright Night" in front of a live television audience.

fourteenth A Ghostbusters Ghostbusters occurred in Fright Night .

Producer of visual effects Richard Edlund had recently completed work on Ghostbusters when he and his team began work on Fright Night . And the film gave them a good reason to recycle one of the library spirits that they had created for Ghostbusters – which was considered too scary by Ivan Reitman's PG-rated classic – and to use it as a vampire bat for [19459004DearfulNight.

15th The cast and crew of Fright Night have set themselves the task of recording some DVD comments.

Since the earliest DVD versions of Fright Night did not contain any commentary titles, 2008 took the cast and The Crew teamed up with Icons of Fright to release a handful of downloadable "pirate" commentary tracks Creation of the film. The tracks ended on a limited Blu-ray to the 30th anniversary of the film, which was sold out within a few hours.

sixteenth Vincent Price Loved Fright Night .

Holland had the opportunity to meet Vincent Price one night at a dinner party at McDowall. And the actor knew that McDowall's character was based on him. "I was a bit embarrassed," admitted Holland. "He said it was wonderful and he thought Roddy did a wonderful job. Thank God he did not ask why he was not poured into it. "

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