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The Crazypants Hollywood Murder Scheme (Include, Oh, absolutely everyone)

In 1988, the Los Angeles Sheriff Department held a really spectacular press conference to announce that they were conducting an investigation Hustler Publisher Larry Flynt for an alleged assassination attempt playboy Publisher Hugh Hefner, penthouse Publishers Bob Guccione, Tycoon Walter Annenberg and for some reason also Frank Sinatra. The main evidence was a $ 1 million check that Flynt had issued to a former CIA agent, mercenary, gun dealer, drug smuggler, and real maniac named Mitchell WerBell. The case was finally dropped and Flynt emphatically denied the charges, but the story only gets stranger from there.

How did Larry Flynt Mitchell meet WerBell? And why should he want to murder Sinatra? And if he was innocent, who framed him? The answers were never entirely clear, but they included poisoned cocktails, combat training, American flag diapers, a gold-trimmed sword stick, and an invasion of CBS News in Haiti. Let̵

7;s just start with Hollywood’s most famous cocaine murder and work to get Dennis Hopper blown up with dynamite.

Come on, it's an article about the 80s, you knew Hopper was going to show up.Denis Makarenko / ShutterstockCome on, it’s an article about the 80s, you knew Hopper was going to show up.

The Flynt allegations are from the Cotton Club Murder trial that shocked Hollywood in 1987. Film legend Robert Evans, who produced both classics and Chinatown, the godfather and, uh, Popeyetried to revive his career after being convicted of trafficking in cocaine in 1980. (Evans insisted that the human trafficking charge was bullshit since he definitely intended to produce all of the cocaine himself.) He put all his hopes on his longstanding passion project. The Cotton Club, plays in New York’s famous prohibition speakeasy. But the film went insanely over budget and Evans struggled to find funding until his former girlfriend / drug dealer Karen Greenberger introduced him to the wealthy theater producer Roy Radin, who came on board as a financier. Production then went smoothly, except for a little hiccup when Radin’s bullet-riddled body was discovered in a stream.

The investigation found that Karen Greenberger (aka Lanie Jacobs) suspected that Radin was trying to cut her out of the film’s profits and also stealing drugs from her. Furious that she might have lost millions at the box office, she hired three Larry Flynt bodyguards to murder Radin. Robert Evans was strongly suspected of involvement, but was ultimately resolved. Greenberger himself insisted that the murder was really staged by her other ex-boyfriend, a notorious cocaine smuggler from Miami. Seriously, the extras behind the scenes of this film are basically indistinguishable Scar face. Definitely, The Cotton Club In the end it was a huge flop and nobody really made any money from it. Great plan, Karen.

How was that not the 1984 Avengers?Orion picturesHow was that not the 1984 Avengers?

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