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The crazy message of Marvel movies that everyone has missed

This is not just a funny plot device for a comic movie. The idea of ​​a shadow government secretly governing the country (be it the Illuminati, the New World Order, or the dreaded deep state) is one of the most widespread conspiracy theories of modern times. The film melds a crazy conspiracy theory with a legitimately relevant political allegory that's just confusing.

Iron Man 3 even gets more entangled paranoid over a conspiratorial plan to take over the US In the end, we find out that the villain essentially carries out a military coup by sending super-strong army veterinarians and used the vice president to kidnap and assassinate the president.

Marvel Studios Harrison Ford would never put up with this shit.

If the was not enough, the film also rewrites the racist-as-all-hell comic book superstar on the Mandarin as a bin-Laden-like terrorist …

Marvel Studios

… just to show that he is just an actor. I mean, every movie character is just an actor, but in the story he turns out to be an actor.

Marvel Studios "Uh, it's a paycheck." – Ben Kingsley, both inside and out of character

This seems to be inspired not only by the assumption that September 11 was an insider job, but also by the theory that robbery and killing bin Laden was staged, which was propagated by Infowars two years ago Iron Man 3 came out


Then there are the survivalists, the people who believe that in preparation for an apocalyptic event of the Power should go out. This philosophy is strangely confirmed in Avengers: Age Of Ultron, where the only path for the Avengers to be safe from a technological monster lies in an isolated house surrounded by forests ,

Marvel Studios Even Hawkeye's house is boring.

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