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The craziest things spoken of in Ancient Aliens

The television show Ancient Aliens has now gone through 14 seasons and has worked through almost any half-hearted theory, pseudo-scientific forays, stupid hypotheses or just crazy alternative scientific ideas or "facts". that you may be related to myths, legends or extraterrestrials in one way or another. It has inspired countless memes about its crazy host, but it has also spread a lot of falsehoods that question a lot of legitimate science.

It is sometimes important to look at the height of the absurdity of such a show, to remind us that it really is nothing but entertainment value and does not belong to something that calls itself "history". Channel. In today's article, we discuss 1

0 of the craziest things spoken about in Ancient Aliens

10. Nazi Germany experimented with advanced alien technology

In " Nazis and the Third Reich ", one of the earlier episodes in the epic that discusses the Ancient Aliens series the connection between Hitler, his Nazi regime and ancient aliens, as well as possible newer extraterrestrial visitors. One of the more intriguing things they are discussing is a little-known event that many in most parts of the world, even those interested in extraterrestrials, may not know. Apparently, somewhere in the middle of the Nazi regime, the Nazis had a Roswell-like incident involving an unidentified spaceship that crashed and landed.

According to Ancient Aliens the Nazis launched their missile program and even worked on anti-gravity technology. They speculate that much of the technology the Germans worked on was passed on to the United States when the US used Operation Paperclip to poach Nazi scientists before they could land in jail. They also discuss Hitler's search for biblical and other relics, and how these relics can actually be real, at least in part, and actually can be extraterrestrial technology, not just biblical magic. In fact, Hitler believed that his superior technology would win him the war, and people are convinced that this superior technology was at least partially based on extraterrestrial technology.

. 9 Human-Animal Hybrid Mythological creatures were alien experiments

In " Aliens and Monsters ", the crew explores the connection between the various mythological creatures that have given us imagination over the years and aliens. In particular, they talk about creatures like the Chimera, the Kraken, the Cerberus, the Hydra and even the Loch Ness monster. They suggest that these beings actually existed and that all different mythological stories must have spoken of something real.

However, they suggest that these creatures were not natural occurrences but the results of advanced extraterrestrial experiments. They believe that many of the hybrid beings you see in ancient stories were the early experiments performed by extraterrestrials on the joining of human and animal DNA. In addition, they suspect that the ancient Hindu legend of the Garuda, a huge flying creature that shook the earth when it landed, was actually a story describing an alien spaceship. Interestingly, in many early stories of the Garuda, it is depicted as a very animal being, but in later traditions it is often referred to as a hybrid, which is a part of man. If the later legends were the closer, the Garuda could also fit into the potential pantheon of creatures created by aliens that splice with human and animal DNA.

. 8 Aliens Can Actually Be Future Human Time Travelers Visiting the Past

In The Time Travelers Ancient Aliens decide that they must confuse things and suggest that many of them own previous theories might have been too crazy … or maybe not crazy enough . The gang suggests that many of the UFOs we believe we have seen, or alleged extraterrestrial visitors we believe to be in, are actually from the future and are not aliens at all. Instead, extraterrestrials are suggested to be future visitors, who may even be really advanced humans who are very different from us (their ancient ancestors).

Bringing forth ancient Hopi legends about antmen emerging from the ground to boost human knowledge, they suggest these legends could translate into something akin to the name of the alleged Annunaki. , As for this theory, ancient aliens who visited us may have been aliens of the future, but they could also have been humans of the distant future who came to influence man for the better. When it comes to newer visitors, it's possible they're just coming to check their past and see how things develop. The episode also covers all the important theories on how to travel through time and mentions various mythological stories that can be interpreted as time travel stories.

. 7 Bigfoot may have been linked to previous extraterrestrial visitors [1965] In " Aliens And Bigfoot ," the people of Ancient Aliens cover all sorts of crazy basics, which Bigfoot could possibly be. Of course, the only thing they do not speculate is that Bigfoot may have been nonexistent because they're convinced that it's real. The gang points out that bigfoot legends of various kinds existed in virtually all cultures, and suggests that perhaps Bigfoot creatures have managed to hide mostly in caves. They claim that these creatures, when discovered, often have a smell of sulfur that could come from an underground cave. As for Bigfoot, the people of Ancient Aliens (19459004) have some different theories.

They point out that in some early folklore epochs there are hairy, primitive creatures that live in the forest, and some stories speculate that they may only be people who avoid society and not really shaving However, they are also convinced that the legend contains more than just hairy people, and suggest that the remaining creatures could be either aliens or the remnants of an alien experiment. The Ancient Aliens point to an ancient myth in which the "gods" the moderators assume were extraterrestrials, created a hairy, humanoid entity called "Enkidu" to be their slave and handcrafted afford for you. They speculate that it is possible that the creatures of the Bigfoot type are still Enkidus who escaped the purges when the alien visitors set off long ago on their own planets.

. 6 The Ark of the Covenant may have come from ancient aliens

In " Aliens And The Lost Ark ," the crew discusses their interesting ideas about the biblical artifact known as the Ark of the Covenant. Well, for those of you who are not too familiar, the Ark of the Covenant was a wooden and gold ornate box that the Jews wore in the Bible as they walked in the desert. (And let's face it: you've seen Liberated Ark Hunters you know what the Ark is.)

It was attributed to helping them stay alive and communicate with God, And since it could only be used or visited or revealed by specially ordained high priests, many people have come to great speculation about what it may or may not have been.

Well, it could just have been a biblical legend, or maybe a bit of basic technology – lost to us, at least until modern times – that helped them with a few small applications, but the Ancient Aliens People believe that something crazy could have happened. Many assume that it could literally speak to God because they believe it was used to communicate with extraterrestrial beings who served as early gods. The gang also speculates that it could have been used to create the wonder of manna in the desert, could have been some kind of electrical capacitor, and even suggest that it hides in a small, inconspicuous church in Ethiopia it is guarded by priests who die shortly after taking the order because of the alleged power of the device.

. 5 Allegedly spoken in ancient sources about the Large Hadron Collider

  Large Hadron Collider

In " The God Particle [19659005]" the gang discusses the discovery of the elusive Higgs boson by CERN in 2012. Well The people behind the Large Hadron Collider do not think that he is actually referred to as the "God Particle", but the show insists for the episode The group of Ancient Aliens first speculates what damage the Earth's LHC will do to its use and what other harm he might do if given more power (for example, by creating his own little black holes) You first talk about the connection between physics and divinity, and then about the weed.

They claim that the Large Hadron Collider and its function and purpose have been predicted from ancient sources. They claim that the Veda (the ancient Hindu scriptures) have not aged for thousands of years – which is demonstrably untrue – and even suggest that they predicted the Large Hadron Collider. They then move on to the Mayans, who they claim have also predicted the Large Hadron Collider in their primitive artworks. As if all of this was not crazy enough, they return towards Indian theories toward the end, suggesting that the Hindu god Shiva was indeed an ancient alien. As for all these mythological stories about the universe that end in Hindu mythology, they can be traced back to the Large Hadron Collider, which tears particles apart at a subatomic level.

. 4 Underwater Monsters Can Come Through Wormholes from Another Dimension

In " Creatures Of The Deep " the gangs go over the deep, mysterious depths of our oceans and speculate on what may be lurking beneath. Since most of the creatures of our ocean have not been identified and millions of (estimated) creatures still need to be discovered, they wonder if many of the craziest creatures in mythology like the Kraken and the Kappa are actually based on truth and only deep underground hide sea.

They point out that not so long ago astronauts found plankton living in space outside the space station, and this caused the Theorists of the Ancient Astronauts to suspect that perhaps all sorts of strange ocean life in our own oceans could live; maybe speculate even crazier things than our strangest legends. Many of the strangest creatures in our oceans could even be alien creatures that hide in the depths, and they believe some might even have come directly to our ocean with wormholes from other worlds instead of having to worry about a spaceship at all. This would certainly make it difficult to trace their arrival here, and it would be a very hard to refute theory. While some creatures like Nessie are pretty easy to refute, the area in which they are expected is not very large and it can be proven by sonar that there are no secret exits, creatures that may lurk below depth Puzzles that will always fascinate human consciousness.

. 3 The Space Station's Moon Theory (Maybe It's Not That Natural)

In Moon Space Station "the gang is going through all their craziest theories about what the moon really is … and boy, is it a doozy , Apparently, the moon is not a natural construct at all, and its "experts" like to explain why and provide their new idea why the moon is almost completely hollow. At least they are not deniers of moon landing, but they claim the astronauts were shocked on their return, they reported aliens on their medical radios, and even warned us to stay away from the moon.

So this raises the real question: Why did the aliens allegedly worry so much that we could land on the moon? Well, the Ancient Astronaut Theorists claim that NASA withholds the truth from the public to prevent a mass geek, because the moon is actually an artificially created space station whose purpose is to at least partially monitor the human race. They even suggest that our military (though they claim we did not return to the moon) or possibly aliens have secret bases on the dark side of the moon. Though the Space Station's lunar theory is not new in the series Ancient Aliens it does look at every possible crazy angle and one of the hosts even suggests that the moon was built by time-traveling Masons.

. 2 King Tut's Curse was a kind of technological protection used by ancient aliens. [1965546] In " The Curse of the Pharaoh " the gang spoke about the opening of King Tut's tomb in 1922. Now the opening of the tomb sparked a fire of fire in the minds of people around the world. In fact, people were so enthusiastic that they followed the ancient Egyptian traditions closely, and some rumors said that the tomb had a big curse and that it was followed by those who opened it and threw it down one after another. Seven people died, and the Ancient Aliens quickly pointed out that all these people were involved in the opening of the tomb. However, they do not point out that the person who opened the tomb itself was never knocked down, which nullifies the entire curse.

Regardless, though the curse is due to the most dubious sources that are a mixture of pseudo-scientific considerations and ancient myths, the Ancient Aliens spend most of an episode with it. You suspect the curse could be a foreign technology designed to keep us from discovering the secrets of King Tut's grave, which may have included the Ark of the Covenant. If it had been in the grave, of course we would have discovered it, so they have a practical explanation for it. According to the theorists of the Ancient Astronauts in the exhibition, the Knights Templar brought it to America before we could open the tomb and hid it on Oak Island (beautifully bound Ancient Aliens and The Curse of Oak Island) both owned by the same production company). We would add that not only has the pharaoh's curse been fully exposed over the years, but there is no evidence that the Knights Templar ever went to America or possessed the alleged Ark.

. 1 The earth has black holes and this is the reason for the Bermuda Triangle. In Earth's Black Holes "the gangs are going beyond their belief that the Earth might have their own little black holes that most of us do not know about. They point to mythological stories about various points on earth that are sacred or where you can communicate with the gods, suggesting that they are black holes. They also suggest that Moses disappeared into a black hole as he climbed Mount Sinai, explaining his temporary disappearance. They suggest that he may have traveled to a completely different world or perhaps to another dimension.

Now they are also flying through the Bermuda Triangle to play drama, confusing turbulence with something weird, before the pilot has to humiliate them by correcting them. However, they are already embarrassed that the Bermuda Triangle has been unbelievably hard exposed in recent years and there is no evidence of disappearances or ship accidents any more than anywhere else in the ocean.

After raging through the Bermuda Triangle, they talk about people disappearing and some who come months later and do not remember what happened. They suggest that these people disappeared somewhere on Earth through a "black hole" and then surfaced later, possibly going through a kind of time warping and not understanding how much time had passed. The biggest problem with this whole episode, though, is that most of what they're talking about could be better described as a stargate or a wormhole. Although we do not fully understand the black holes, what we know suggests that, even if they could take you into another universe, they could be completely down before you could get there.

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