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The cartoon “Jurassic World” makes the films even darker

In a just and fair world we would have got one Jurassic Park Cartoon in the 90s when there were plans tomature Prime Time “series with a “graphic novel look”. Although the concept art was radical as hell, Steven Spielberg disagreed, ostensibly because he “never bothered to watch the demo video.”

Thank you so much Steve.

But now finally there is a toon in the Jurassic Park-Verse; Netflix Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous PeriodIt is a summer camp for children that is ill-advised and housed on an island full of prehistoric killing machines.

The first season of the show takes place during the events of the first Jurassic World Movie in which the Indominus Rex escapes and terrorizes the park. But these kids don’t have an armed Chris Pratt to help, just a couple of adolescent counselors armed with pipes. The show is actually surprisingly good, but it does one thing we wouldn’t have thought possible – it makes the Jurassic World theme park seem kind of even More went badly than before.

In addition to opening a new park with the same business plan that previously resulted in multiple deaths and multiple child-related mutilations (which, to be fair, makes a lot more sense now), the final episode of the season (SPOILERS) shows that the shabby gang are young campers still on the island of Isla Nublar after this it is evacuated. They are just left behind, like non-Christians in a Kirk Cameron film.

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