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The best chocolate shop in all 50 states

Chocolate is one of the sweet, simple pleasures of life. And fortunately, there are many chocolatiers throughout the country who are eager to help you enjoy your chocolate craving. Whether you have truffles, handmade candy bars, or chocolate covered marshmallows, here are the best chocolate shops in all 50 states.

. 1 Best Chocolate Shop in Alabama: Peterbrooke Chocolatier

Location: Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Take a bite out of one of the chocolate treats at the Peterbrooke Chocolatier and you'll quickly find out why this store is a step above the rest , The most fun, decadent confections here are the chocolate-covered popcorn, pretzels and oreos.

. 2 Alaskan Fudge Company

Location: Juneau, Alaska

Founded in 1

980, the Alaskan Fudge Company manufactures killer fudge and chocolate treats made by Husky Paws (chocolate, pecans and caramel ). to cappuccino truffles. Try the white apricots with chocolate mixture for something lighter.

. 3 Arizona's Best Chocolate Store: Chocofin Chocolatier

Location: Fountain Hills, Arizona

This bean-to-bar chocolate store treats the humble cocoa bean with the utmost care and respect. Try handmade chocolate bars, walnut bark and banana macadamia chocolate with a salted macadamia nut on banana ganache.

. 4 Arkansas Best Chocolate Store: Sweet's Fudge Kitchen

Location: Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Founded in 1969, Sweet's Fudge Kitchen focuses on fresh ingredients to make the best chocolates. In addition to almond and cashew turtles, the store also sells delicious fudge, candies and licorice.

. 5 Best Chocolate Shop in California: Edelweiss

Location: Beverly Hills, California

Since opening in 1942, Edelweiss has served Hollywood legends such as Frank Sinatra and Katharine Hepburn. The store's production line even inspired the famous chocolate factory scene in I Love Lucy episode "Job Switching." Today, Edelweiss's chocolate-flavored marshmallows (available in flavors such as mocha, mint, and coconut) are very popular.

. 6 Colorado's Best Chocolate Store: Chocolate Lab

Location: Denver, Colorado

Chocolate Lab may be the coolest place for anyone interested in the chemistry of food. Get an assortment of their handmade chocolates and truffles with a unique flavor or stay for lunch and dinner. The menu includes soups, sandwiches and salads that contain thoughtful chocolates. Try the fantastic chocolate balsamic glaze and the chocolate barbecue sauce.

. 7 Connecticut's Best Chocolate Store: Deborah Ann's Sweet Shoppe

Location: Ridgefield, Connecticut

Deborah Ann's Sweet Shoppe has plenty of homemade ice cream, sweets and fudge, but the chocolates are really the star at this beautiful shop. Are you wondering what to get? Start with the chocolate covered strawberries and see where your taste buds lead you.

. 8 Delaware's Best Chocolate Store: Sweet Serenity Chocolates

Location: Seaford, Delaware

Sweet Serenity Chocolates is owned by a husband and wife team. The tastiest items in the shop are hand-dipped butter cream truffles, biscuits and bark bark.

. 9 Florida's Best Chocolate Store: Key Largo Chocolates

Location: Key Largo, Florida

This bright, bright shop in the Florida Keys serves truffles, bark, fudge and cake pops wrapped in luscious chocolate. The handmade chocolate truffles are available in tropical flavors, such as coconut rum, key lime and banana daiquiri.

10th Best Chocolate Shop in Georgia: Chocolat by Adam Turoni

Location: Savannah, Georgia

Savannah's charming historic district has two chocolat from Adam Turoni venues that delight both locals and visitors. The whimsical shops serve artisanal truffles, caramelized hazelnuts with a chocolate coating, and an astonishing Savannah honey chocolate bar made up of 72 percent dark chocolate, local wildflower honey, and 24-carat gold dust.

11 Best Chocolate Shop in Hawaii: Manoa

Location: Kailua, Hawaii

This bean-to-bar chocolate factory and retail store uses cocoa varieties from around the world to create a variety of cocoa To produce variety of candy from dark chocolate. The shop's most popular candy bar is roasted cocoa bean sprouts and coffee beans, but one can not miss the incredible lavender bar, made up of 60 percent cocoa and Ali's kula lavender.

12th Idaho's Best Chocolate Store: The Chocolat Bar

Location: Boise, Idaho

Customers at the Chocolat Bar can find creative, artistic chocolate treats ranging from slices of orange dipped in dark chocolate to hand-painted chocolate shoes. The exquisite chocolate shoes (to eat, not to wear) include floral decorated high heels of dark or milk chocolate, polka dots, leopard print and more.

. 13 Best Chocolate Store in Illinois: KC Chocolatier

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Fans of Belgian chocolate should stop working and join KC Chocolatier, stat. This East Lincoln Park chocolate shop makes beautiful gift boxes containing all kinds of chocolate, from truffles and hazelnut creams to liqueurs and caramel.

fourteenth Indiana's Best Chocolate Store: The Sound Bend Chocolate Company

Multiple Locations, Indiana

This chocolate factory, the South Bend museum and retail store (with chocolate cafés at several other locations) provide visitors with a comprehensive overview about chocolate: its story of how it is made and (most importantly) how it tastes. The cashew caramel patties and chocolate peanut butter logs will undoubtedly tempt you, so do not argue.

15th Best Chocolate Shop in Iowa: Chocolate Story Book

Location: West Des Moines, Iowa

Two Words: Chocolate Bacon. The Chocolate Storybook features chocolate-covered bacon strips, maple bacon caramel, chocolate caramel and a variety of non-pig chocolate treats. The shop's many Christmas gift options include elaborate Valentine's Day baskets, plates of chocolaty strawberries, personalized Easter chocolate bunnies, and a plate full of caramel, pretzel, crackers and biscuits at Christmas.

sixteenth Best Chocolate Shop in Kansas: Annedore's Fine Chocolates

Location: Westwood Hills, Kansas

This award-winning chocolate store specializes in European truffles and chocolate treats. Her most delicious chocolates include vanilla pod, heart-shaped port wine and Irish cream.

17th Best Chocolate Store in Kentucky: Cellar Door Chocolates

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

With two locations in Louisville, Cellar Door Chocolates makes a lot of amazing chocolate. You can not go wrong with the shop's truffles, but perhaps the best is the green chili-coconut truffle. It consists of a soft, white chocolate ganache and spicy New Mexican Green chili.

18th Louisiana's Best Chocolate Store: Southern Candymakers

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Southern Candymakers has been known for its chocolates and toffee listings for over 27 years, but the chocolate of the business is top notch. Order hand-dipped Queen Anne cherries or chocolates made from jumbo pecans.

19th Best Chocolate Store in Maine: Wilbur's Of Maine

Location: Multiple Locations, Maine

Located in Freeport and Brunswick, Wilbur's of Maine is a welcome sight for anyone looking for a sweet Have tooth. The shop stands out for its classic, simple treats, highlighted by its perfectly flavored, chocolate-covered blueberries.

20th Maryland's Best Chocolate Store: SPAGnVOLA

Location: Gaithersburg, Maryland

SPAGnVOLA's chocolatiers cultivate and process organic cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic to make chocolate bars, truffles and candies. Lovers of dark chocolate will absolutely appreciate the Dominican 75 percent candy bar for its nuanced aroma and rich depth.

21st Best Chocolate Store in Massachusetts: Phillips Chocolates

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Founded in 1925, Phillips Chocolates is Boston's oldest chocolatier, and the shop still produces small quantities of chocolate treats by hand. Oprah Winfrey declared the 2015 turtle basket to be one of her "favorite things". Even the basket itself is edible and full of milk, dark and white chocolate turtles.

22nd Best Chocolate Shop in Michigan: Alpine Chocolat House

Location: Gaylord, Michigan

Gourmet hot chocolate, decorated candy apples, sea salt caramel corn and chocolate covered potato chips are the favorites at Alpine Chocolat House has three more locations in Michigan. If you are adventurous, try their pepper caramel corn – it comes in three stages.

23rd Best Chocolate Store in Minnesota: Mademoiselle Miel

Location: St. Paul, Minnesota

Mademoiselle Miel is famous for its delicious sweets. These treats are filled with local honey, which is made of chocolate with a denomination of origin and covered with 23-carat gold leaf. The shop also sells tantalizing homemade chocolate sweetened with local maple sugar.

24th Mississippi's Best Chocolate Shop: Margarete's Fine Chocolates

Location: Tupelo, Mississippi

At Margarete's Fine Chocolates, chocolate creams, truffles and nuts are hard to beat. Fortunately, you can order a basket and fill it with some of everything. The triple-dipped, chocolate-covered strawberries – made from milk, white and colored white chocolate – are one of their specialties.

25th Best Chocolate Store in Missouri: Chip's Chocolate Factory

Location: Kansas City and Independence, Missouri

Chip's Chocolate Factory is home to Kansas City Fudge, which is available in over 40 flavors is. Visitors can watch chocolatiers making hundreds of chocolate treats at the store's shop. The sweetest are tiger butter (a combination of peanut butter and Swiss chocolate that melts in the mouth), vanilla caramel turtles and cinnamon roasted nuts.

26th Best Chocolate Shop in Montana: La Châtelaine Chocolat

Location: Bozeman, Montana

La Châtelaine Chocolat is a whimsical shop inspired by French chocolatiers. The dotted dark chocolate caramel roulade stands for the elaborate, artistic designs you'll find on the chocolates. Also excellent are the flavors such as sea salt-caramel espresso and strawberry balsamico.

27th Candy Wrappers

Location: Omaha, Nebraska [Candy Food] Sweet Candy lovers will find sweets, caramel and caramel apples in Candy Wrappers, but the handmade chocolate is truly heavenly. Choose from chocolate turtles, cherry corals and the popular sea salt caramel strudel popcorn.

28th Nevada's Best Chocolate Store: Sierra Nevada Chocolate Company

Location: Reno, Nevada

At Sierra Nevada Chocolate Company, you can order chocolate and wine that go perfectly together. If wine is not your thing, take a bunch of crazy truffles – they come in flavors that are as wild as watermelon and champagne.

29th Best New Hampshire Chocolate Shop: Byrne & Carlson

Location: Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Named after the founders Ellen Byrne and Christopher Carlson, this sophisticated chocolate shop is what any artisanal chocolatier should imitate. The store's amazing handmade sweets contain a number of unique ingredients and ingredients, including dried fruits, milk chocolate beads, crystallized flowers and dark Belgian chocolate shells.

30th Best New Jersey Chocolate Shop: Enjou Chocolat

Location: Morristown, New Jersey

This chocolate shop sells stuffed animals, ice cream, and many chocolate gifts suitable for special occasions and holidays. Some of the best delicacies include the pretzel platter – filled with chocolates, chocolate-covered popcorn and chocolate-covered pretzels – and the milk chocolate-covered potato chips.

31st Best Chocolate Shop in New Mexico: Theobroma Chocolatier

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Theobroma Chocolatier produces an impressive variety of boxes with and without forming. Truffles are available in a variety of flavors, including cappuccino, black forest, champagne, key lime and buttercane. You can also find form chocolate in the form of pandas, dinosaurs, business cards, dreidels and cell phones.

32nd New York's Best Chocolate Store: Aigner Chocolates

Location: Forest Hills, New York

When it comes to chocolate, New York City is a competition venue. However, Aigner Chocolates is a step forward, as evidenced by the shop's long history. Aigner opened in 1930 and sells (and ships) chocolate rinds, liqueurs and marshmallows made with the original kettles and spoons of the kitchen.

33rd North Carolina's Best Chocolate Store: French Broad Chocolates

Location: Asheville, North Carolina

French Broad Chocolates manufactures and serves exquisite truffles, chocolate caramel and hot chocolate. Our menu recommendation: Slurp dark chocolate and sip a strawberry balsamic truffle. Too much chocolate? Not something like that.

34th North Dakota's Best Chocolate Store: Carol Widmans Candy Co.

Location: Fargo and Grand Forks, North Dakota

Four generations of the Widman family have made handmade sweets and chocolates, starting with William Widman in 1885. Although Carol Widmans Candy Co. is known for its chippers (chocolate potato chips), turtles, truffles and sunflower seeds coated with sunflower seeds are among the many other stellar delicacies.

35th Best Chocolate Shop in Ohio: Wittich's Candy Shop

Location: Circleville, Ohio

Wittich's Candy Shop is one of America's oldest family-run confectioners – and shows off its vintage charm Shops home to an old school soda fountain. Since 1840, the company has been proud to make handcrafted chocolates with quality ingredients and to pay tribute to its home state with its Buckeyes, a local chocolate treat (available in milk, dark or white chocolate) and a peanut butter center. [19659002] 36th Best Chocolate Shop in Oklahoma: Omega Chocolate

Location: Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Omega Chocolate has been open for a little over three years, but this exceptional store has received numerous awards for its beautiful, handmade offerings receive . Coffee lovers will love the dark chocolate-covered espresso beans, and fun creations like their cinnamon rolls with milk chocolate can practically be doubled as breakfast in bed.

37th Oregon's Best Chocolate Shop: Woodblock Chocolate

Location: Portland, Oregon

Charley and Jessica Wheelock founded Woodblock Chocolate to turn simple cocoa beans into delicious chocolate bars. The store sells single rooms from Peru, Madagascar and Trinidad, but the most unique option here might be the Japanese-inspired roasted sesame bar.

38th Pennsylvania's Best Chocolate Store: Pierre & # 39; s Chocolates

Location: New Hope, Pennsylvania

All the delights of this sweet chocolaterie are handmade in-house. The Swiss chocolatier Jean Pierre Meyenberg opened his shop of the same name in 1970 and took him with his family until 2011, when the shop was bought by chocolatiers Tom Block and Justin Zaslow. They've spent more than a year learning Meyenberg's techniques and recipes, and they've also added their own spin by creating artisanal chocolates made in small batches of cocoa grown on family farms around the world. Try the Swiss truffles, the mint cookie with dark chocolate and crushed mint biscuits, or the store's New Hope Collection, four sweet treats that celebrate the city's history.

. 39 Best Chocolate Store in Rhode Island: Sweenor's Chocolates

Location: Wakefield and Cranston, Rhode Island

Sweenor's Chocolates opened its doors in 1955, and the family owned chocolate store is rooted in its roots remained true to fresh ingredients and no preservatives. And they offer a range of sugar-free chocolates, which are often recommended for diabetics.

40th South Carolina's Best Chocolate Store: Christophe Artisan Chocolatier

Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Christophe Paume, a third-generation French chocolatier, founded this charming chocolate shop. Visitors to the two locations in downtown Charleston and West Ashley can sample the colorful hand-painted chocolates and truffles.

41st Best Chocolate Shop in South Dakota: Mostly Chocolates

Location: Rapid City, South Dakota

At Mostly Chocolates, you can sip something stronger from the Espresso Bar while choosing between truffles, fudge and other delicious products Confectionery With the chocolate espresso cream or the Oreo cream truffle you can not go wrong, but if you want extra fruit flavors, your truffles also come in peach and cream, raspberry and strawberry cheesecake.

42nd Best Chocolate Store in Tennessee: Goo Goo Shop and Dessert Bar

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Since its premiere in 1912, the Candy Bar Goo Goo cluster has been delighting children and adults with its enticing combination of milk chocolate, peanuts , Caramel and marshmallow nougat. In this shop and dessert bar you can celebrate everything that Goo Goo Cluster has to offer. It serves chocolate cheesecake, sundaes and shakes inspired by the chocolate bar.

43rd Best Chocolate Store in Texas: Cocoa and Cardamom

Location: Houston, Texas

Eating chocolate with cocoa and cardamom has the feeling of eating all over the world. Stop and taste flavors and spices like Szechuan peppercorn milk ganache, garam masala pistachios, black sesame ginger, pineapple fennel caramel, lychee basil or a caramelized cashew and Vietnamese cinnamon praline. [44] Best Chocolate Shop in Utah: Ritual Chocolate

Location: Park City, Utah

Before you come to Ritual Chocolate, you should probably omit your morning cup with Joe. The bean-to-bar chocolate store serves espresso, slurp chocolate and a 100% pure cocoa bar that wakes you up with its tart, nutty flavor.

45th Best Chocolate Shop in Vermont: Daily Chocolate

Location: Vergennes, Vermont

Daily chocolate chocolatiers are known for their taste experiments. In addition to the black rum caramel (homemade caramel in 72 percent dark chocolate) satisfy the coconut and cherry blossoms even the strongest craving for chocolate. Fans of white chocolate should try the lime-lavender-almond bark made with lavender buds and lemon oil.

46th Best Chocolate Store in Virginia: Gearharts Fine Chocolates

Location: Charlottesville, Virginia

Established in 2001 by chefs Tim Gearhart and Bill Hamilton, Gearharts Fine Chocolates uses the finest chocolate in the world with local cream and butter "around its The shop's signature chocolates include pistachio toffee orange, malted milk hazelnut, and mint-julep (made with fresh mint Kentucky bourbon) .The chocolates are available online.

47th Best Chocolate Shop in Washington: Oh! Chocolate

Location: Mercer Island, Washington

Since 1985 Oh! Chocolate has earned a reputation as a top chocolate destination in Washington, where chocolatiers make small amounts of delightful truffles in flavors like champagne, mango habanero and Pacific NW-Blackberry.

48th Best Chocolate Shop in West Virginia: Holl's Chocolates

Location: Vienna and Charleston, West Virginia

Before Fritz Holl emigrated to the United States in 1958, he worked as an apprentice with an uncle in a pastry and chocolate shop in Zurich, Switzerland. Today Holl's Chocolates – the company he founded in 1986 – is still family-owned (Fritz's son Dominique runs it with his wife Michelle) and still sells real Swiss chocolate. The shop's chocolate lollies (available in milk, dark and white chocolates) are spectacular in the tongue.

49th Wisconsin's Best Chocolate Store: Wilmar Chocolates

Location: Appleton, Wisconsin

Chocoholics enjoy the amazing array of chocolate-covered caramel, truffle, and buttered breads at Wilmar Chocolates. The shop's confectionery, made with authentic Wisconsin butter and cream, is regularly honored at the Wisconsin State Fair.

50th Wyoming's Best Chocolate Store: Donells Candies

Location: Casper, Wyoming

Donells Candies has been a Wyoming brand since 1956 and sells handmade sweets such as dark chocolate cherry cordials and milk chocolate coconut grapes. Nut lovers rave about the dark peanut and pecan grapes.

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