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The best Advent calendars for Christmas

Counting down the days until Christmas is a wonderful tradition with some pretty old roots. The ritual dates back to the mid-19th century, when the German Protestants attached chalk marks to doors or burning candles until December 25th.

Printed advent calendars were created in the early 1900s, and it is said that they were invented by a man named Gerhard Lang, who began to produce and sell them in Germany. Over the years, these calendars have certainly changed. Instead of just an illustration or a piece of chocolate, the daily treat can take the form of a soothing teabag, a Ron Weasley figure, or even a fun little science project.

Here are 1

1 of the coolest advent calendars we could have found online.

. 1 FUNKO Harry Potter Advent Calendar; $ 39

"Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Ring the Hogwarts Bell … " Celebrate the season with miniature Funko versions of 24 witches and wizards from the fascinating world of Harry Potter. Each character is a little smaller than 5 cm, so he does not take up too much space. (If you think about it, you could probably put the whole lot in one of Dobby's socks.)

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2. 24-day tea advent calendar; $ 32

Stay caffeinated this December with two dozen teabags. This calendar contains an eclectic selection of flavors such as Chinese black tea and Scandinavian tea with cranberries and elderflowers. If we only think of them, we already feel warm and well …

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3. Nintendo Super Mario Advent Calendar; $ 50

For the Nintendo fans out there, this advent calendar features 17 characters and seven Super Mario accessories that will be unlocked for the countdown until Christmas. From Mario and Princess Peach to a piranha plant and a goombas, this set is perfect for anyone looking to unpack a holiday counter.

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4. Women 15 days Star Wars socks advent calendar; $ 15

For $ 15, you get so many pairs of Star Wars Socks a decorative box with a funny little quiz for franchise diehards and – thankfully – no clues to the notorious Christmas offer of 1978. What do you want You'll still wear it on your feet when you see Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ?

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5. Women's Nightmare before Christmas 15 Days Socks Advent Calendar; $ 15

Why should fans of Star Wars have all the fun? Target also offers an Halloween-themed calendar that includes Jack Skellington and Oogie boogie stockings. Speaking of Animation, Disney Princess and Lilo & Stitch sock sets are also available.

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6. Handmade Caramel Advent Calendar; $ 30

If taste names like "Hawaiian Sea Salt" and "Tapped Maple" make your mouth water, do yourself a favor and get yourself this delicious calendar with 24 hand made caramel samples. As a bonus, the box set features some charmingly illustrated animals by artist Cindy Hendrick. We have fallen for the stinging fox.

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7. Yule Do Nicely: A Ghostly and Strange Advent Calendar ; $ 6

Forget sweets and toys, because if you like spooky and disturbing stories all year round – not just Halloween – then this is perfect. The first 24 stories of this pocket-sized book make a strange advent calendar that leads to the big day. Then enjoy 28 curious short stories from the category "The Shocking Stocking" at Christmas.

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8. Purple ladybug novelty dinosaur toy 2019 Advent calendar; $ 22

You are never too old to channel your inner John Hammond. Purple Ladybug offers a selection of prehistoric animal models and fossils in a 24-day Advent Calendar – and her (hammering) Dino-mite kit keeps the very best of life alive forever.

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9. Ooshies DC Comics Advent Calendar; $ 50

Count down to the holidays with your favorite superheroes or villains – like Batman, Superman, the Joker, and Wonder Woman – in tiny pencils. The set even contains eight exclusive ooshies.

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10. Edible artwork chocolate advent calendar; $ 35

This is not a typical chocolate advent calendar. This 25-day calendar is full of melted mouth, handmade chocolate in the form of martini glasses, flip flops, cowboy boots and more.

Buy: Unusual Goods [19659004] 11. STEAM Activity Countdown Advent Calendar; $ 25

This 106-page book contains two weeks of activity for the curious kids in your life. Each one will enhance the appreciation of the little ones for science, engineering, engineering, art and / or mathematics. Among other things, they learn how to turn a Sierpinski triangle into a fascinating Christmas tree. How cool is that?

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