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The actor Matthew Perry was almost no Chandler

From Michael Scott’s “World’s Best Boss” mug to Dwight Schrute’s nunchucks to one of the lots Serenity by Jan candles, diehard fans of The office They probably have a long list of props that they would like to collect from legendary episodes. If you’ve ever wondered if the series’ actors left the series with their own favorite props, you’re in luck.

How People Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey are reported to have hired John Krasinski for their podcast Office ladies and discussed the heartwarming episode “Christmas Party” from season 2. This episode was especially great for Jim and Pam before they met, as Jim buys a teapot for Pam as a secret Christmas gift.

When Krasinski remembered her favorite memories from the episode, he realized that years later someone from the art department had actually sent him a handful of props. “Phil Shea is why I have something,”

; he said. “He sent me a box of years, like three or four years later, from my pocket – yes, my pocket – my nameplate and teapot, brother.” Fischer and Kinsey were shocked when they heard this and both exclaimed: “You have the teapot!”

Krasinski was obviously not aware of how big it was and said to his former co-stars: “Oh man, I thought you knew that.”

Fans certainly know how important this prop is, as it isn’t just mentioned in the second season episode. Fast forward to the last season, and Jim finally hands Pam the letter she originally stuffed into the teapot (but removed before she could read it). In an earlier episode of Office ladiesFischer admitted that Krasinski had actually written something for them in the note and that they are the only two people who know what it says. She remembered: “I am in front of the camera and open the note John gave me and I just start to cry … I will never say exactly what John wrote, but I only know that it is perfect was. “

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