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The 5 stupidest conspiracy theories (currently spreading)


Coronavirus denialism that gives QAnon Global Appeal

Speaking of QAnon goes international … yes. While its origins lie in the somewhat domestic niche topic of American deep-state politics, the recent global problems make QAnon increasingly popular in the jet-set mass of international nut jobs.

QAnon is already well on the way to infiltrating the rest of North America with its reduced conspiracy theories. In Canada, local QAnon supporters have started targeting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. A loyalist, Norman Traversy, managed to raise a $ 140,000 legal fund hoping to convince Trump to persecute Trudeau for general deep-seated persecution? You are not sure yet, but you will think of something. Another Canadian, Corey Hurren, opted for a more direct coup by trying to ram a gun-filled pickup into the prime minister̵

7;s house. Terrifyingly, the national leader’s gates proved to be shockproof and hit the former soldier’s ass before he was arrested by the police.

But as the coronavirus pandemic drags on, QAnon’s Covid claims have started to mass-convert bleached assholes from all over the world. In Europe, QAnon now has a topic of conversation that massively appeals to its far-right groups: the denialism of the corona virus. And hate Jews. (So ​​actually two conversation topics.) In Germany, many extreme right-wing idiots exchanged their swastikas for a Q, with German watchdogs noticing a serious increase in QAnon-related extremist online groups. And despite one of the world’s most successful corona virus containment efforts, the pandemic has also made QAnon popular among non-neo-Nazis. Many German counterparts are now openly supporting the group to signal that they prefer to pay attention to their cooperation workers die rather than develop a small mask rash behind the ears.

Qitler has a ring. 
AmazonQitler has a ring.

And the more notorious QAnon becomes, the more wackjob cults the coattails of his brand want to ride. Over there in Iran, an extreme right-wing dissident group called Restart has joined the American group. Though they have little in common with QAnon (other than political extremism and anti-Semitism), they see their alliance as a way to favor the overtly anti-Iranian government, hoping to take over the country’s carcass when it is done is. And when the unfortunate ordinary Iranians have to worry about a group of American trolls best known for shooting a pizzeria, the days when we have to ignore QAnon are over for all of us.

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