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The 5 Garbage Democrats in Congress


Collin Peterson screwing up the planet on behalf of farmers

It seems that the climate crisis has divided American politics in a straight line, with Democrats and 99% of the scientists who have declared it global crisis and republicans, as always, with the 1%. But whoever believes that he didn't meet Minnesota representative Collin Peterson, who would set the world on fire himself if it brought his farmers a warmer harvest time.

  The bluest thing about him is this background. United States House of Representatives The bluest thing about him is this background.

Peterson is one of the last members of the "Blue Dog Coalition", which sounds like a DC garage band that is made up exclusively of guys in Birkenstocks, but it is actually a faction of demes that are fiscal conservative and socially apathetic ̵

1; the kind of Democrats Republicans vote for if they want their bi-daughter to appear for Thanksgiving. And never having an advanced mind in mind is exactly how Collins manages to stay in office as a Democrat while representing one of the thickest parts of Minnesota's Trump-friendly farm belt. In fact, Collins is more Republican than some Republicans. He is one of only three Democrats who voted against impeachment and one of two who wrote down their names requesting the Supreme Court to reconsider the revocation of abortion rights.

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