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The & # 39; Miracle on Ice & # 39; hockey facts

A rose with a different name would probably not smell so sweet, at least not for some of these celebrities. From A to Z, here are the full names of some of your favorite stars and the reasons why they dropped the rest of their names.

. 1 Adele

Real name: Adele Laurie Blue Adkins

As far as we can tell, Adele's first name is simply distinctive enough to stand alone. In addition, "Adele Adkins" sounds a bit like playing in the Grand Ole Opry (which would be nice, but not quite the sound she is aiming for).

. 2 Awkwafina

Real name: Nora Lum

"There really isn't a big symbolic story," said Awkwafina Cosmopolitan of her chosen nickname. "I just found it very funny when people try to subtilize products like Neutrogena," she said. "Because I'm just imagining someone sitting there thinking about all these strange names, especially the water names. But I didn't make it up until I was 1

6 and found it really funny. And then I finally took it over." [19659002]. 3 Beck

Real name: Bek David Campbell

He added the "c" to his real name in the hope that people would not be able to pronounce his name as Brock, Breck, Beak or Bic. Fun fact: Beck's mother is Bibbe Hansen, an original Warhol superstar.

. 4 Bono

Real name: Paul David Hewson

Without a doubt Bono is the only rock star in the world who is named after a hearing aid. His school friends in Dublin nicknamed each other, and his name was "Bono Vox", Latin for "good voice," based on the Bonavox hearing aid store. Finally he dropped the "Vox" and became the bono we all know today.

. 5 Charo

Real name: Maria Rosario Pilar Martinez Molina Baeza

I mean Charo is 31 characters (without spaces) shorter than her real name. So you can see why she decided to shorten things. But why "Charo" instead of "Maria" or something special like "Rosario"? As it turns out, "Charo" is actually not an unusual nickname for "Rosario".

. 6 Common

Real name: Lonnie Corant Jaman Shuka Rashid Lynn

Lynn took the stage name "Common Sense" at a young age and shortened it to Common after he was sued by a band with the name handle.

. 7 Drake

Real name: Aubrey Drake Graham

Drake is a better rapper name than Aubrey. Back when he was an actor with Degrassi Aubrey served him well.

. 8 Eminem

Real name: Marshall Bruce Mathers III

The rapper's stage name was originally M&M, a reference to his initials. He eventually started spelling it phonetically instead.

. 9 Enya

Real name: Eithne Ní Bhraonáin

Knowing that most of the world would scratch the head with the Irish “Eithne”, Enya changed her name to the phonetic spelling of her real name. Yes, "Eithne" = "Enya".

10th Flea

Real name: Michael Peter Balzary

The itchy nickname goes back to Balzary's high school days when friends called him "Mike B the Flea".

. 11 Gotye

Real name: Wouter "Wally" De Backer

It is the French version of his real name Wouter. "Wouter translates into French as & # 39; Gaultier & # 39;" Gotye told the Interview Magazine. "When I was in my early 20s, I wanted a name for my project that was somehow personal and similar to the way I felt about my music: using the past to expand into the present. I called her and she remembered I had that name. I decided how to spell it as some sort of confused last name, Gotye. I wanted a name that was passionate. I came up with my own spelling for it, and that's where it comes from. "

12th Hammer

Real name: Stanley Kirk Burrell

Yes, if you are of a certain age you probably know him as MC Hammer, but he dropped the master of ceremonies some time ago. The rapper "U Can & # 39; t Touch This" and former Batboy of Oakland A & # 39; s got his nickname from an unlikely source: Pedro Garcia, then from the Milwaukee Brewers, who thought a young Burrell was a dead alarm clock for Hammerin & # 39; Hank Aaron. (Reggie Jackson also recognized the nickname.)

13. Ice-T

Real name: Tracy Lauren Marrow

The name pays homage to Iceberg Slim, a reformed pimp who later wrote novels. "I took my name as a tribute to Iceberg and then one day it hit me – the guy is a writer . I thought he was a fly because he was a pimp, but I realized that I really admired him because he was a writer "wrote Ice-T in his autobiography.

14. Jay-Z

Real name: Shawn Corey Carter

Es gives some theories about where Jay-Z came from, including the fact that he paid homage to his mentor Jaz-O, or that this was an allusion to the place in Brooklyn where the J and Z trains meet, but Carter claims that it's just a variation of his childhood nickname "Jazzy".

15th Ke $ ha

Real name: Kesha Rose Sebert

Kesha is her real name, but the dollar sign was part of her Partygirl images. She's actually just Kesha now. She has the symbol in front of an egg drop in years. In a discussion at SXSW, Kesha said of Refinery 29: “I let go of my facade because I was a girl who didn't care. My facade was supposed to be strong and I realized that it was total nonsense. I took out the dollar because I realized that this is part of the facade. "

16th Liberace

Real name: Władziu Valentino Liberace

It's just his last name. After using the stage name "Walter Busterkeys" for a while, Liberace decided to use his last name only as an allusion to his idol, the pianist Igancy Paderewski, who did the same.

17th Lizzo

Real name: Melissa Jefferson

Contrary to popular belief, Jefferson swears that her nickname was not inspired by the Jay Z song "Izzo". It originated in middle school when she and her friends created nicknames by adding "O" to the end of their names. "You would be Gayle-O," she said to Gayle King. As the musician passed Lissa at that time, she became Lisso, who eventually developed into Lizzo.

18th Ludacris

Real name: Chris Bridges

"I invented Ludacris & # 39;" Bridges told MTV News in 2000. "It just describes me somehow. Sometimes I have a split personality. Sometimes I'm cool, calm and collected, and sometimes I'm more than crazy. I'm ridiculous, I'm ridiculous. Also, my birth name is Chris, so somehow it includes that . "

19th Madonna

Real name: Madonna Louise Ciccone

While we are in the M section: Madonna's first name is actually Madonna.

20th Moby

real name : Richard Melville Hall

"The basis for Richard Melville Hall – and for Moby – is that Herman Melville was supposed to be my great-great-great-great-uncle," Hall said once.

21. Nenê [19659003] Real name: Maybyner Rodney Hilário

Nenê is one of the few mononyms in the United States that legally changed to a single name, the Brazilian basketball player who last played for Housto n Rockets and was called "Nenê" as a child because he is the youngest child in his family and nenê is Portuguese for "baby".

22nd Pink

Real name: Alecia Beth Moore

According to the magenta musician herself, it was a cruel nickname from childhood: "At first it was a mean thing; some children in the camp pulled my pants down and I blushed so much and they said, "Ha ha! Look at her! It's pink! "And then the film Reservoir Dogs came out and Mr. Pink was the one with the smart mouth, so it just happened again."

23. Prince

Real name: Prince Rogers Nelson

The artist formerly known as The Artist, formerly known as Prince, was actually born as Prince Rogers Nelson.

24th ? uestlove

Real name: Ahmir Khalib Thompson

Before he? uestlove was, did the former Ahmir Khalib Thompson just want to be old? what he meant "anonymously". When people called him "question mark", he changed his name again to "B.R.O. der R.?" That didn't work either: fans thought his name was Brother Question Mark. He finally came to? Uestlove because “Your name used to end in rock, ski or love. Uestrock didn't happen, and neither did Uestski. So uestlove became my new old school name because I am so old fashioned! "

25th Raffi

Real name: Raffi Cavoukian

Because if you are actually called Raffi, you don't need a surname.

26. Rihanna

Real name: Robyn Rihanna Fenty

The Barbados singer / actress has a middle name for her job, "I'm kind of deaf to Rihanna, Rihanna, Rihanna," she said to Rolling Stone noting that her close friends and family loved her still call by first name. "When I hear Robyn, I pay attention."

27. Sade

Real name: Helen Folasade Adu

Although her first name may be Helen, no one has the velvety singer ever referred to as such. Her parents called her Sade, an abbreviated version of her second name, when she was young.

28. Sinbad

Real name: David Adkins

Adkins thought of using a specific name would i hm help to stand out in the saturated world of stand-up comedy. He chose Sinbad after the mythological seafarer and told Ebony : “Sinbad was a leader. When monsters appeared, the men shouted Sinbad's name. He wasn't the biggest guy, but he was smart and resourceful. He was a loner and lived life as a journey. "

29th Skrillex

Real name: Sonny John Moore

Here is another case of a high school nickname that has been applied to adulthood. “During my teenage years, my friends called me Skrillex or Skril or Skrilly. Just got a stupid nickname that came from the handles for online social networks, "said Moore." Doesn't really mean anything. "

30th Slash

Real name: Saul Hudson

Guns N & # 39; s guitarist prescribes a rather surprising source for his nickname: the character actor Seymour Cassel. Slash was with Cassels Son's friend, and after watching him run around "in a hurry, whatever I was at that time," Cassel called him Slash.

31. Twiggy

Real name: Lesley Lawson (née Hornby)

When the model was a girl, she was referred to as "sticks" by children at school because she was so thin. Her boyfriend later gave her a slightly nicer (?) version of the nickname, who became her name when she met him big. "Twiggy is a stupid name for a woman in her forties," she remarked once, "but it would be hard to fall."

32 Usher

Real name: Usher Terry Raymond IV

Let's just say it's a good thing that Usher didn't de n went away from Drake and other celebrities who avoided using their first names for their “cooler” middle names. [19659002] 33rd Voltaire

Real name: François-Marie Arouet

Is it a surprise that Voltaire liked the pun? The Latinized spelling of his last name is "AROVET LI", and "Voltaire" is an anagram of it.

34th will.i.am

Real name: William James Adams, Jr.

“I liked to play with words. I noticed that my name was a phrase that means one with will, who is strong-willed. So I called my mother and said, "Hey mom, do you mind if I call myself Will.i.am?" She said, "Whaaa? You're crazy." She was cool with it. "

35. Yanni

Real name: He was born as Yiannis Chryssomallis, although this is sometimes Americanized for John Yanni Christopher. [19659004] See "Raffi" above. In fact, Yiannis is a very common name in Chryssomallis & # 39; Home Greece. He was known to his classmates at the University of Minnesota as "John". Yanni is just a small variation of his first name. [19659002] 36. Zendaya

Real name: Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman

Zendaya is her real name, but she never used her last name professionally because her first name is so distinctive. "I [dropped my last name because I] found it easy cool, like Cher or Prince, "she said to Allure .

37th Zucchero

Real name: Adelmo Fornacirari

Zucchero is the Italian word for sugar, a name given to him by one of his primary school teachers. It's also an apt description of his sweet, sweet music: the Italian musician has worked with everyone from Ray Charles to Pavarotti and received several World Music Awards and a Grammy nomination.

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