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The 2018 Spider-Man PS4 game called it all

Before I go into it, SPOILERS for Marvel's Spider-Man which was released on PS4 in 2018.

So out of the way, holy hell, did this game call his shot? In case you don't really know the details of the story, she moves at a fun, lively Spider-Man-y pace for two acts full of drama full of hijinks and then becomes post-apocalyptic in Act 3. A pathogen created by Oscorp called Devil & # 39; s Breath is released, and the entire island of Manhattan is in a kind of fascist military block, under which the AstroTurfed Dipshit quarantine protesters believe that we are in real life, but not.

According to Doc Ock, the virus releases over a crowded Time & # 39; s Square. History jumps ahead in time to find a city that is completely closed. A bit like our reality, only with the private force of Silver Sable, which exercises its iron will on the citizens. Insomniac games got the lockdown part right, and American cops, whether private or not, are usually cocks longing to hit a person. It wasn't a big leap.

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In this version of the Spider-Man myth, Norman Osborn is the same well-known businessman He is in the comics, however he is also the mayor of New York City. Positioning a classic malicious businessman as a powerful politician is a classic comic move that very subtly indicates that politicians are corrupt. If billionaire Mayor Osborne can't stop the release of Devil's Breath and privatized solutions don't work, he blames Spider-Man. If you've been watching the news lately, you may have caught Trump throwing everyone under the bus over the Covid 19 pandemic, from Obama to China to the World Health Organization. If this game had been released this month, some conservative Twitter dweebs with neo-Nazi tweets hiding in their likes would say that games shouldn't be political. Also, the only good games are those in which politically neutral American soldiers shoot bazookas at foreigners.

People contaminated by Devil's Breath show flu-like symptoms. It can spread so easily that signs across the city remind New Yorkers of "Stay safe, stay at home" because, while the virus is highly contagious, sometimes "symptoms are not apparent" in some people. If all of this sounds familiar, it's because life thinks a cheap reference to a video game is a solid joke. As if none of this was suspicious enough, good old sweet, indestructible Aunt May works on the front of the F.E.A.S.T. She runs a homeless shelter where she becomes infected with the virus and dies.

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