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The 13 most extreme piercings for your body

Like tattoos, piercings are unique to everyone. But most of these extreme piercings are likely only found on far fewer people. Let me know if you would agree.


Yeah, your whole hip. This is not a traditional piercing but a skin piercing. Skin piercings have a top and an implanted base. It is no surprise that these are viewed as extremely painful.

Finger web

Even if you don’t have the webbing, you can get this piercing. You will only get the skin that you have between your fingers pierced with rivets and there you have it, pierced finger nets.

Double frenulum

As if this is not already a strange and obviously painful place and then it needs to be pierced twice? Brave and Ouch? Not only that, but they also had a double, side by side, traditionally, also through the tongue piercing. There’s a lot going on with this tongue.


That extreme look looks just as scary as it is painful. Three long bars are vertical with piercings and posts on both the top of the eyebrow and below the eye. The look creates a kind of prison in front of the eyes. It’s one of the roughest extreme piercings out there.


If you want to pierce your chin, you can run one or two of the long rods right under your lower lip and legitimately under your chin. This is one of the most extreme piercings.


“Piercing” a tooth is actually not a thing. It’s technically an implant. If you’ve always wanted to “pierce” your teeth, this is the way to go.

Stretched Achilles

This is the spot just behind your ankle. Do you know the spot that stretches and moves with every step? Yes this is the place. Why someone pierces their feet right there seems questionable, but what do I know? X.


This is also a skin piercing and is characterized as two of the rivets at the base of your hairline. More painful than dermal, but still popular and not as extreme as some of these looks.


This look is similar to the entire hip piercing but also across the top of the forearms. The thing about dermales is that you can be so creative with them, and essentially place them in as many places and in any design you can come up with.

Straightened nostril

So if you pierce both sides of your nose and then use gauges to stretch them enough, you can literally stick a straw horizontally through your nose. Cool what?

Stretched septum

So you know how some people have the measuring earrings that some like to have, shall we call it a guided nose? This area is called the septum, hence the elongated septum, but the look is very circular and large, where the smallest part of your nose should be at the tip.

Toe web

For this look, you would need to have networked toes first. About 1 in 2,000 to 3,000 babies are born with reticulated toes, so the condition is not uncommon. And since you have them, why not decorate them? You can have multiple piercings depending on how many networked toes you have. Why the hell not


Another skin, another spot. Since it’s on your face and everything, it would be fun to use flowers, stars, colors and more and showcase your own style.

Which piercing is the craziest? Would you ever consider a typical piercing?

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