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The 100 most hated anime characters nobody likes

We all have this one anime character we hate, but which one is yours? For this list, we rank the most hateful anime characters of all time, and we want you to share your opinion by choosing the characters you do not like. From Shonen titles like One Piece to classics like Neon Genesis Evangelion, these are the anime characters we just do not like. You'll find these hated and perverted anime characters in assassin anime, pirate anime, witch anime, ninja anime and of course gangster anime.

We already have a list for the most annoying anime characters, so try to tune very much, you hate those characters for their actions rather than how good they are. For example, Shou Tucker in Fullmetal Alchemist is a great character, but his actions on the show hate us so much. Of course we recorded some commonly hated characters like Sakura and Excalibur, but that's what this list really is about.

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