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The 100 best love stories from all over the world

The old saying "better late than never" applies to many things in life. Ask the librarian at your local library, and he or she will probably tell you that returning overdue books is one of them. As reported by WLJA News in Washington, DC, one customer recently returned a book to the Silver Spring Library in Maryland, 73 years after its due date.

A worn, illustrated copy of The Postman was appropriate. sent to the library with an enclosed letter. In it, a woman explained that her family had read the book in 1946 as a toddler. "The family then moved briefly to Canada, and the book was packed with everything else," the library wrote, summing up the gist of her letter.

Even if she forgot where the book came from, she did not. I have to look far. A stamp in it is "Property of Silver Spring Library", a part of the Montgomery County Public Libraries system in Maryland.

This is a particularly rare find as the library does not carry any books by its author, Charlotte Kuh. Its value has probably increased over time. An edition of The Postman from 1

929 is currently being sold on Amazon for $ 29, and another book from the same series from 1934 is available for $ 25.

Such acts occasionally bring headlines. In 2017, the Attleboro Public Library in Massachusetts received a copy of T.S. Arthurs The young woman at home 78 years after she was checked out. A Rare Copy of The Portrait of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde was "lost" for the same time, but was eventually returned to the Chicago Public Library in 2012. At that time, the Director of the Marketing Marketing, Ruth Lednicer, said the woman who had returned the book was afraid she would have been punished because she had gone ahead.

"She always said," You will not arrest me? "" Lednicer said, "and we said," No, we are so happy that you have brought it back. "As we said: It's never too late.

[h/t WLJA News]

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