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The 10 Strange Gift Ideas for White Elephants and Secret Santa Clauses

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"It's almost season! These are all the strangest of what makes them the best gifts for white elephants and clandestine Santa Clauses.

Unicorn poop soap

For if people today do not love unicorns, what do they love then? The smell is so good that you want to eat it. According to the packaging, a unicorn feeds strictly on rainbow sherbet ice cream, making its shit the most delicious ever. There is even some glitter for this additional unicorn effect. Buy now!

Merry Christmas Flip-Flop

This flip book was made by Japanese artist Mohiken and filled with Christmas decorations. The decor turns into stars, which then turn into little bells. And what is Christmas without a bell? Buy now!

Climbing Cup

This mug has a climbing handle as a handle. You can fill in 12 ounces of tea or coffee, no matter if you are an expert or a beginner. This mug is the best seller of the company and every climbing grip is made to order. You can even choose your own color and swirl pattern if you want. The hexagon socket screw is purely decorative, but is made of metal. Therefore, do not use this mug in the microwave or in the dishwasher. Buy now!

Wine Stocking Flask Christmas Holiday Drink Dispenser

Does this white elephant, or even better, a secret Christmas present, need an explanation at all? Wine lovers want everything that gives wine, and at Christmas, what could be more festive than a stocking that comes from wine? The brand that sells it is called Sneaky Santa. If you love wine, you must have this wine red Christmas stocking. Buy now!

NSFW Fortune Cookies, Inappropriate Edition

These would be perfect giftware, along with the typical sweets and scratches. NSFW stands for "not safe for work". These fates are insulting and insulting, and each is individually wrapped. Not only are they a great gift idea, they also make fun at parties, gag gifts, birthdays and even promotions. Buy now!

Self-stirring Coffee Cup

Coffee lovers will love a self-stirring mug anywhere. And not only her! If you love warm milk and honey, hot chocolate, eggnog or really anything that needs to be stirred, this mug is perfect. Some say it is lazy people, while others think it is only the best of the best for mixing drinks. It also has a user-friendly and conveniently located power button. Buy now!

Christmas Toilet Paper Holder with Spin-a-Song Effect

For a festive and fun flair, add this Christmas accessory for classic songs to your bathroom. Yes, as it turns, it farts. As a gag gift or as a trade in white elephants, this is pretty much perfect. The more you turn, the more you hear; Just make sure you use the required AAA batteries for the sound to work. Buy now!

Half Wine Glass

Barbuzzo is all about funny and cheerful gifts and gifts for the home (or the office). The influences of their design strategy are based on the combination of function and humor to create innovative lifestyle products for fun as a gift. The company philosophy is: "LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO BE HEAVY!" This glass looks half empty. However, if you look at it half full, it means there is more room for wine! Buy now!

Beetle Teapot

There are boxing babies and now hanging beetles, all for soaking tea in your cup. This beetle is made of food grade silicone and is dishwasher safe. Fill the beetle with your favorite loose tea and enjoy. Buy now!

Children Repellent Lavender Vanilla Soy Candle

Do you have children? Do you want to get rid of them? This child-proof candle is exactly what you need. The smell is great and the label will make anyone laugh. Well, maybe not. If you are offended or do not like this candle, it is even more perfect for a white elephant trade. In addition, the candles are made of pure soy, are handmade and reflect the manufacturers' love for New Orleans and the South. Buy now!

There's nothing like a stocking filled with wine, but maybe you like the obscene fortune cookies better? Either fill your stocking, and both are enjoyed by everyone who receives them. Start your Christmas shopping today!

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