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The 10 Most Popular Fonts for Professional Logo Design

Need improvements with your company logo?

Logos help to establish brand icons that people can remember. If the logo of your company has a professional font and looks clean, it will stay in your memory.

The logo can be either the weakest link in your business or the best asset, so choosing the appropriate font to design your logo is essential.

What popular fonts currently use the most memorable brands? Which font styles provide an incredible brand awareness?

This article discusses 10 of the best fonts used in their store brands. Either vintage or modern fonts, you'll love them for sure.

. 1 Trajan

This font is preferred by graphic artists and movie posters, and there is no question about that. In 1

989, Trajan was one of the improved modern fonts developed for Adobe. It is an elegant and beautiful serif typeface with an excellent spacing.

Trajan is very popular with business owners in terms of fonts used. By using monochrome with logo overlay over the top, the basic M.O. fine for the design. Some designers will say that it is overused; It is still possible.

Line Sharpness creates the best font style options that you can do. If you think you're creative, it will look great along with your brand name.

. 2 Impact

One of Hollywood's best-known fonts and design masterpieces is the Impact. The favorite typeface on the internet and writings that pleased the millenials. This font also has roots in advertising and film, making it ideal for the corporate logo of your business.

Created by Geoffrey Lee in 1965, this font is of great value to many advertisers for its readability. It's one of the modern fonts with big, bold letters that look fantastic with pictures.

Use legibility when using this font to make it clear how fat your business is. This font is better suited for minimalist designs that emphasize a clear style.

 Most popular typefaces - effects

3. Univers

In 1954 Univers was designed by Adrian Frutiger, a font designer. Compared to Futura, this type of sans serif typeface is one of the coolest fonts that visually supports the taste.

If you're displaying a clear, strong message in a font, Univers is the perfect choice. This font provides accessibility and clear intentions, while others are more dramatic.

 Most Popular Fonts - univers

4. Garamond

This writing goes far beyond the classical writings. It is a Garamond font family that is also one of the serif patterns that date back to the mid-16th century. The Garamond is common with newspapers and magazine prints. However, this is also used in many other brands.

Garamond has been used by different brands over the years. Established companies like Rolex, Abercrombie and Neutrogena use it to show prestige and value.

 Most popular fonts - Garamound

Credit: Casimiro PT / Shutterstock.com

Take advantage of this font by using it for your logo if you have a premium listing. The Garamond is best for products associated with luxury. His elegant design is doing well and works alone on a solo basis.

. 5 Didot

Didot was a family name for printers in the late 18th century before he became one of the many vintage typefaces. Created in 1799, which has become an integral part of many brands due to its beautiful style. Brands like Vogue and Giorgio Armani use this font to create an impression of drama and mysticism.


This font is characterized by a dramatic line width. Whenever you apply correct kerning with a strong color variation, you can bring it to your logo design more effectively.

If you use Didot, you want to get a mature effect on the lines. This is one of the cool fonts that have a subtle effect. If you use it well, good results will be achieved.

6 Frutiger

Frutiger is another fantastic modern sans-serif typeface created by the Univers typeface artist. Airlines always use fonts. Frutiger looks practical, beautiful and natural.

If you're aiming to read them easily and simply, using this theme for your logo will work and would highlight your image logo. A font that serves as a support. It's also incredible in responsive logos.

 Most popular fonts - frutiger

7. Bodoni

Bodoni is considered the most appropriate modern font for logo designs, which makes it easy to understand why. This font is mainly used by popular fashion brands, including Calvin Klein, Armani Exchange, and Burberry's brand new logo.

 Most Popular Writings Bodoni

Besides this flat revolution in webdesigns and logos, it's a flourishing logo with a superb look.

The font alone makes this Bodoni family look good. The fine structure with its thick and bold front part are in contrast to each other. It gives an elegant, slim, pleasant-to-see angularity.

Its aesthetic appearance makes it geometric and beautiful. It creates a good logo for your business if you choose an elegant and somewhat futuristic idea.

. 8 Futura

One of the most modern fonts found in many design documents is Futura. The flow of squares, triangles and rectangles of the Futura facilitates use in logo designs.

 Most Popular Fonts - Futura

You must take advantage of using the unique style if you want to consider this font as your main font. This sans-serif classic should radiate order and functionality. This can make your layout unconventional and not just highlight the logo.

. 9 Helvetica

Helvetica is known to all. Among the popular fonts, Helvetica is one of them in terms of graphic design and is used by everyone for its cool description. You must be careful when designing your logo, as you may make a mistake.

Helvetica, practical font style that is quickly noticed by customers. If you want an eye-catcher and something and something familiar, Helvetica is the right choice. Proper kerning is that you need to ensure.

 The most popular typefaces - helvetica

10. Horizon

Horizon, a modern font inspired by the space show, such as Star Trek. The sharp angles of Horizon are unpredictable, digital and can be exploited.

Horizon is the best typeface if you're looking for a sci-fi look, and the futuristic look is highlighted. His style is sharp and thick, as you would expect from your typeface style.

 The most popular typefaces - Horizont

Choosing the right font can lead to breakage or your logo. Select the message you want to manifest and select a font that highlights the core values.

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