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Textile wall art you'll love!

28th November 2019

A graduate of Philosophy interested in critical theory, politics and the arts. Alias ​​of Jelena Martinović.

For thousands of years, people have practiced the craft of designing or producing textiles and textile art . In the twentieth century, artists began to use textiles in new contexts, and cloth and cord as a medium opened up almost unlimited possibilities for modern and contemporary artistic practices. These trades have been associated with domesticity and creativity of women and become a "female craft" characteristic of a frugal wife. With the feminist art movement of the 1

960s and 1970s, the field of high art was recaptured to include artistic practices traditionally banished to the lower status of women's work. Since then, textile art has been developing new forms and languages ​​ involving many creative minds who have experimented with techniques, materials and concepts

. If You Want to Add a Textile Wall A work of art from your collection, be it as embroidery, tapestry or patchwork, can be found in this collection on our marketplace.

Selected Image: Okuda San Miguel – Praying in Calcutta (detail), 2018. All images are courtesy of the respective galleries.

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