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Teen calls ‘Echo’ in abandoned ruins, something else calls back

A dark descent

Isaac walked in total darkness and finally found the button for his flashlight on his cell phone. Now he could see the dark hall a little better, he could see old cobwebs and broken furniture as he walked forward.

He could feel his pulse racing as he reached the basement stairs, he called, half-expecting someone to answer him. There was nothing else for it, he went down the dark wooden stairs.

Take a walk in nature

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The feeling that he had to take a break from the built-up city life to which he was always exposed. Isaac Wellington Watts planned a day out in the great outdoors and took his girlfriend Emily with him.

The couple packed what they needed, left town and went to the nearest forest. When the 1

9-year-olds put their car in the park, they didn’t know what was waiting for them.

The forest


The couple worked hard every day and didn’t get many chances to get out. After only a few minutes in the green forest, they already felt like they were recharging.

Both agreed that nothing would ruin their perfect day. Not the passing light or the wet leaves. But soon they would find out that something was going to happen.

Something weird

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The two lovebirds were holding hands, but suddenly they noticed something in the distance. Both screwed up their eyes but couldn’t tell what it was. Then they decided to take a closer look.

They heard crows chirping above their heads as they neared the dense forest where it was getting much darker. They could smell Petrichor, which made them even more restless.

Old building

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As they went into the dark, they noticed some old debris. On closer inspection it was actually an old derelict building.

Whoever lived in this building left it in a hurry, they could see a radio and lots of furniture from where they were standing. Who would have gone so fast? And why?

Hatch a plan

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Isaac and Emily loved the idea of ​​adventure and now that they were offered such an opportunity they had to explore it. It was incredibly quiet inside and they noticed that all the rooms were covered with mold. Isaac made a spontaneous decision that it would be fun to play a prank on his girlfriend.

Isaac pranked Emily quite a lot, usually it turned out that she laughed well and they both smiled at each other. Now was not the time, however, without Isaac knowing.

Prepare the prank

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Isaac prepared his big prank. He couldn’t help but laugh to himself in the dark, he was going to get her so bad!

He told Emily it would be fun to share two parts of the building and explore and meet and talk about what they found. Emily convinced, but eventually agreed and walked away. Nobody could have foreseen what would happen next.

The darkness

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Emily could barely see anything in front of her, so she didn’t even notice when Isaac slipped away. She continued down the hall, thinking Isaac was somewhere behind her.

She decided she didn’t like the idea anymore and called Isaac’s name, after there was no answer she felt a lump in her stomach. He took out her cell phone and turned on the flashlight, but she couldn’t see Isaac anywhere.

The prank

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Isaac’s plan came together, he planned to sneak out of the old building and position himself in front of a boarded-up window that Emily would pass by. Then he yelled “hello” as she passed.

Isaac thought about how he would never let her down, he reminded her every year until they were both older. He smiled in front of the window and dreamed of the future.

Catch it on camera

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Isaac then frowned as he considered how he might forget the details over time. He decided to fix this to record it so that the reaction would be immortalized on her face forever. He could even post it online and see if it went viral.

But while he was dreaming, he didn’t know that his prank wasn’t going to go the way he wanted it to.

What a shock

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Isaac suppresses his laughter and calls into the abandoned ruins. He prepares for her screams. Instead, he hears something completely different.

It’s a deep, hoarse male voice that calls back from somewhere in the dark. The blood rushes from Isaac’s face as the terrifying and gruesome experience sets in. His mind then turns to his girlfriend, who is all alone inside. What has he done?

Fight or flight

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Isaac stood frozen in fear. It was only moments later that he was able to calm his mind to think logically about the situation.

Emily went out of the building. When she heard the voices from within, she knew exactly what had happened. Isaac rushed over to make sure she was okay. She hadn’t seen anything but heard the voice from the cellar.

Moral responsibility

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Just as Emily asks that they leave, Isaac realizes he can’t. He has to see who or who made this noise in the basement. His head told him to go, but his heart told him to stay.

But time was running out for Issac. He had to be quick. He now had to find out what kind of noise that was.

Please don’t go back inside

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Emily asks Isaac not to go in, scared and concerned about what might be down there. She remembers every scene from horror films that are about dark forests, abandoned ruins, being alone in the woods, and creepy basements.

She refuses to go with him, and for good reason.

The cellar

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With the flashlight in hand, Isaac slowly moves forward. He believes this is the most terrifying thing he has ever voluntarily got himself into.

Down the hall, past cobwebs, broken old chairs and cupboards, he reaches the cellar stairs. His heart is pounding as he begins to descend. The wooden stairs creak under his steps when he calls: “Hello? Is someone there?”.

Under the rubble

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He reached the bottom of the stairs and turned his light on the corner of the basement.

Something didn’t smell so good, and with every breath Issac took he could taste it. He spat in disgust, but what he saw next left him speechless.

Not what he expected

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On the floor, leaning against the wall, was an old man who was about to die. His face was dirty and his clothes were ragged and torn.

As Isaac approaches, he asks for water. Isaac gives him his water bottle and lets the strange man get full. Then prepare for heavy lifting.

A hero rise

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When Isaac realizes that the old man cannot walk, he helps him up the stairs and out of the building. They greet Emily, who waits nervously outside and paces up and down.

When she spots them, she immediately calls the ambulance and the police. As they wait for help, they learn more about this stranger and how he ended up here.

An unheard of man

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The man was 51 year old James Thompson. Thompson had been hiking in the woods a month ago when he fell and broke his leg.

With just enough strength to reach the abandoned building for shelter, he waited and called for help. But no passerby had heard him before. His shelter was too remote, which created an extremely dangerous situation where no one could find him.

A life changing hike!

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Isaac and Emily waited with Thompson for the paramedics to arrive. Thompson was taken straight to the hospital for treatment. If Isaac hadn’t kept his wits about it and ventured into the eerie building, or even did so a month later, Thompson wouldn’t have made it.

Isaac and Emily went into the woods for fun and returned to save a life. Who else can say that?

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