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Talking Werner Herzog about Baby Yoda is pure poetry

The legendary director Werner Herzog has had a long and successful career. He dragged a boat for Fitzcarraldo over a mountain, risked his life when he was filming active volcanoes in his 70s, and then there was this one time when he tried to burn the frequent employee Klaus Kinski to death . To be fair, he later saved Joaquin Phoenix from self-immolation, so we'll even call the last one. Most recently, Duke was seen as a former imperial officer in Disney's The Mandalorian although he had never seen a single Star Wars film and probably had no idea what the hell was going on .

  Werner Herzog talking about Baby Yoda is pure poetry Disney

Herzog is also partly responsible for ensuring that "The Child" (AKA Baby Yoda) remains a practical effect and not a CGI creation. Herzog previously admitted that he cried when he saw Baby Yoda, and now Herzog describes in an interview with Total Film how he defended the puppet of the new favorite Star Wars alien . And it's really the stuff of poetry.

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