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Taking care of the cost of the & # 39; Avatar & # 39; sequels is nonsense

Obviously, there is a lot going on in the world right now, and some families cannot even be sure when their next Avatar film will be released. Hopefully soon, according to director James Cameron – although if they really want to avoid another delay Avatar 2 might just be a cast that Zoom reads, and we'll all just try to create the landscape of the blue cat people and the "rainforest café on mushrooms" in our imaginations. Cameron also made headlines after revealing that the sequels were a whopping Dr. Evil meme-generating, will cost a billion dollars!

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Wow, that's … really not that much if you think about it Like it or not, Cameron makes four more Avatar films, which amounts to approximately $ 250 million per film, to put it in perspective: The Terminator produced by Cameron: Dark Fate cost just under $ 200 million and is on Earth without magical trees or large leonopteryxes, and the acting treasurer Avengers: Endgame is said to have cost over $ 350 million – although Robert Downey Jr. To be fair, probably deserves more than Sam Worthington, a guy who starred in one of the greatest films of all Then time went on to play a guy hanging out with Jesus in a gentrified murder hut.

It's all particularly silly considering that it's pretty much James being publicly mocked at his big budgets and then delivering a monster that dominates the zeitgeist of Cameron's job at the time. After the media messed with the assembly costs of Terminator 2 in 1991, $ 500 million was grossed worldwide. Almost the same thing happened with True Lies . The best known then was that Titanic was a flop that was as catastrophic as the Andrea Dorea, after it had exceeded the budget, was delayed several times and because it lacked a "main star".

  Fussing About the cost of the & # 39; Avatar & # 39; continuation is nonsense Washington Post

Instead, she made all the money, won all the Oscars, and probably inspired the misguided cruise ships of a small country. In 2009, the cost of Avatar raised his eyebrows, and that turned out to be okay. Maybe, just maybe James Cameron knows what he's doing with the budgets of these erotic smurf adventure films.

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