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Take the fastest route from London to Stansted Airport

Are you looking for the best options to travel to Stansted Airport from London? The hotel is located on the outskirts of the city, more precisely 62 km outside of central London. Finding a suitable means of transport can be a difficult task. There is no direct connection between Stansted Airport and London by public bus or underground. Alternative options would be train, bus or taxi.

You could even rent a car. Don’t worry about where to park your car. There are plenty of nearby parking options at Stansted Airport that provide secure parking and peace of mind. It may not be cheaper than the bus, but it is cheaper than hailing a taxi. Plus, there̵

7;s no need to share your travel experience with fellow travelers if you don’t need space or solo time. Okay, enough of that. We’ll let the options decide for you.

However, the next question that pops up on your mind shortly is which route is the fastest to get to Standsted Airport.

Map of London to Stansted Airport

The fastest way to get from London to Stansted

Well it all depends on which part of London you are traveling from. You can always search Google for directions. However, there are a few things to remember –

  • CM24 1RW is the postal code of London
  • London Stansted is just off the M11 motorway
  • If you are driving from London, use Junction 8a to reach Stansted. When approaching Stansted from Cambridge, take exit 8. From here it is easy to follow the airport signs.

Take the M11 motorway

The M11 motorway is actually a long stretch of connected roads that allows you to travel from London to Cambridge and vice versa. The access roads, starting from either London or Cambridge, feed into the Northern Circular, which is generally used by people traveling west or east. The road to the east leads directly to London City Airport. Therefore, the highway is the preferred choice for people driving to Stansted Airport.

You would come across some junctions and some other highways like the M25. Please note that the M11 can be taken directly from the northeast or from the south and west via the M25.

The M25 is an intersection with two motorways. The M11 loses a track and will only be restored after the intersection. After the M25 you will reach another junction. This intersection is somewhat isolated and the other two intersections on either side are at least 10 miles away. Standsted Airport is located near this intersection.

Using Google Navigator, most directions can be found on the M11 motorway. You should know that however, the M11 route is restricted for limited use only.

Take the A120

It is very important to know about the roads when you are driving. For example, getting to the airport is very easy if you take the M11 Junction 8 and then the A120.

The A120 is the east-west route that runs through the center of the country and connects Stansted Airport with Colchester, the port of Harwich, as well as the M11 and A12.

The best thing about the A120 is that it covers a lot of distance and time (especially by connecting the M11 and A12 at once). There are only a few junctions separated by degrees. On the way near Great Dunmow you would notice a highway style rest area.

When deciding which route to take, you need to learn about the roads. This would help reduce the time it takes to get to the airport. We hope we’ve covered enough to provide you with a proper guide.

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