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Surprising animal friendships | floss

Social media is just about a video in which a surprising pair of buddies – a coyote and a badger – drove safely through a passage together under a California freeway. While coyotes and badgers are known to hunt together in the wild, the following friendships between species show that everyone can get along if they have the right mind.

. 1 Peanut the Rat and Ranj the Cat

When Maggie Szpot adopted two rats, she was concerned about how Ranj, the stray cat that brought her home in 2008, would react. But she didn't have to worry that Ranj would hunt peanut and mocha ̵

1; in fact, Peanut fell in love with the cat, followed him around, snuggled with him, licked his face, and ate food from his bowl next to him. The two remained besties until Peanut died in 2010.

. 2 Joejoe the Capybara and his many friends

Capybaras are known to be very, very cool around other animals. They are regularly seen happily when birds are sitting on their backs, puppies are cuddling next to them and monkeys are climbing on them. (There's a whole tumblr devoted to these Capybara friendships.) Joe Joe, the Capybara, perhaps the most famous social media capybara, will regularly cuddle with puppies, swim with ducklings, and roll around with the baby chicks he is dating shares a home in Arizona. 19659002] 3. Juniper the fox and Moose the dog

Juniper is a rescued fox who quickly became friends with Moose, the Australian Shepherd mix with which she has a common home. The two sleep together, eat together and take care of each other. Her owner Jessika often comes into a room and finds Juniper sitting on Moose's head while the dog can be patiently used as a couch.

. 4 Strong impact on the racehorse and Charlie the pig

Many highly strained racehorses have pets that keep them calm. Strong Impact, an eight-year-old thoroughbred, found a loyal companion in Charlie, a pig. The pig chose Strong Impact from all the other horses in the barn and stopped until it found a companion to live with. According to a 2015 New York Times story about their friendship, they act like an old couple and hate being separated. (Strong Impact retired from racing in 2015 and is now part of an adoption program for retired racing horses.)

5. Anthony the Lion and Riley the Coyote

Anthony the Lion and Riley the Coyote met when they were one month old after being rescued by Keepers of the Wild, an Arizona wildlife sanctuary. They immediately fell in love with each other and their love was captured in a PBS Nature episode called "Animal Odd Couples" in which they played, groomed, and watched each other at lunchtime. Riley accompanied Anthony as he left the sanctuary for birth defects for surgery because the animals were so afraid of separation that you would not eat without the other's presence. Unfortunately, Anthony passed away a few years ago, and Riley now lives in the sanctuary with another coyote, Dominic.

. 6 Simon Cowell and Leonardo the Turtle

Simon the Cow arrived at the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Center in Thailand in February 2016 after losing part of his hind leg. He was temporarily housed in a field while recovering from his injury and was eventually supposed to join two other cows to save in another enclosure. Instead, he bonded intensely with the other inhabitant of the field, a giant turtle named Leonardo, who had been saved when a zoo in Bangkok was closed in 2013. Simon snuggles up to Leonardo, rests his head on his shell and follows him everywhere. They now live together permanently.

. 7 J & # 39; aime, the rhino, and Joey, the lamb

When J & # 39; aime came to the Rhino orphanage in South Africa in March 2017, she was too young and small to be accommodated with her fellow rhinos. A few months later, however, she found a friend in Joey, a lamb who had been rejected by his mother and taken to the sanctuary for hand-raising. Joey was only a few days old when she was introduced and he and J & # 39; aime quickly became best friends. They walk together every day and eat from the same trough. Since May they have had another orphan in their small herd, a lamb called Penny.

. 8 Lion Leo, Bear Baloo and Tiger Shere Khan

When the police drugged a house in Atlanta 16 years ago, they made quite a discovery in the basement: a lion cub, a baby bear and a tiger cub that the drug dealer used as pets Had kept. The animals were in poor condition but had a special bond. The trio was moved to the Noah's Ark shelter in Georgia, where they were nursed back to health. Baloo's injuries were the most serious; He had to undergo surgery to remove a belt that was so tight that his flesh started to grow around him. "During the Baloo operation, the three brothers were the only time they were separated, and Shere Khan and Leo were extremely upset about walking and talking about the lost member of their family of three," the sanctuary wrote back then. Baloo recovered completely and the trio, known as BLT, was inseparable until 2016 when Leo died of liver disease. Shere Khan died in 2018 with Baloo nearby.

. 9 Cleo the cat and Forbi the owl

The Brazilian biologist André Costa took Forbi as a baby, and the owl instantly made friends with Cleo, Costa's cat (you can see a photo of the little Forbi here at Cleo's side hangs).

10th Bea the Giraffe and Wilma the Strauss

Both Bea and Wilma were born and raised in the 65-hectare Serengeti Plain exhibition at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. In 2009, assistant curator Jason Green told the People that the duo "seemed to be spending time together. Bea likes to use her tongue to explore her surroundings, and Wilma is not impressed by these very close encounters."

. 11 Themba the elephant and Albert the sheep

Themba was orphaned at the age of 6 months when his mother died after falling on a cliff. The baby elephant was rescued by a team from the Shamwari Rehabilitation Center in South Africa who put him in an enclosure with a sheep named Albert. "Hell broke loose," filmmaker Lyndal Davies told the Daily Mail in 2008 . "Themba stormed towards the sheep and chased him around his waterhole." The next morning, however, Albert was visibly bored and ventured into the main enclosure. Themba didn't want to leave Albert's side, and the two explored their enclosure together, with Themba's suitcase resting on Albert's back. Since that moment Themba and Albert have been inseparable. "Unfortunately, the elephant died suddenly in 2010 as the team in the middle hoped to bring Themba back into the wild.

12. Mubi the monkey and Iain and Daisey the Jack Russell puppies

Mubi , an endangered drill monkey, was born at Port Lympne Zoo near Canterbury, Kent, but was quickly rejected by her mother, so zoo keeper Simon Jeffrey decided to raise her. "During the day, I take her to work and the team takes care of her in the enclosure where she can see her parents, "he told the Daily Mail in 2014." When I finish working in the reserve, "she comes home with me." She spends her time there two Jack Russell puppies, Iain and Daisey.

. 13 Sahara the cheetah and Alexa the dog

Cathryn Hilker, founder of the Cincinnati Zoo Cat Ambassador Program, adopted the cheetah and the Anatolian Shepherd when they were both two months old and raised them together. "They literally moved into my house and connected with my carpets, my furniture and each other," Hilker said in 2006 to Good Morning America the precarious situation of the wild cheetah population. They even lived together at the zoo until 2010, when Alexa retired and lived with a trainer.

fourteenth Cassie the Kitten and Moses the Crow

In 1999 a small stray kitten appeared in the yard of Wally and Ann Collito in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. The Collitos started feeding the kitten, but they weren't the only ones: a crow also helped take care of the kitten, feeding its worms and beetles and protecting them from other animals. The Collitos finally managed to lure Cassie into the house, but the cat's incredible friendship with the crow didn't end there. The crow they called Moses pecked at the door for Cassie every morning and they spent the day together. The Collitos made videos and took photos of the two canoodling because they knew that nobody else would believe them. This routine took five years before Moses stopped showing up, presumably because he had died.

15th Owen the Hippo and Mzee the Turtle

When the devastating tsunami of 2004 hit the coast of Kenya, a small hippo was separated from its herd and stranded on a coral reef. The next day, the hippopotamus was rescued by the villagers of Malindi with fishing nets and taken to Haller Park Sanctuary, where the 660-pound animal – now called Owen – became friends with a 130-year-old Aldabra turtle named Mzee (Maybe because of that Shape and color of the turtle resembled an adult hippopotamus). Initially, the turtle was not interested in this friendship, but eventually they became inseparable, ate, wallowed in a pond, and even slept together. They lived in the same enclosure until 2007 when Mzee was removed from the enclosure for security reasons. Owen has since teamed up with a hippo named Cleo.

sixteenth Saber the Miniature Horse and Arrow the Great Dane

Enjoy this video from 2013 by Saber, a then 11-year-old miniature horse hanging on a screen with his friend Arrow, a 2.5-year-old harlequin Great Dane twin mattress.

17th Jet the Dolphin and Miri the Sea Lion

Although these two animals are usually wild rivals, they are best friends at Pet Porpoise Pool Marine Park in Coffs Harbor, Australia. Jet and Miri got to know each other as babies, and Amy Carter, pool specialist, said Today in 2012: "They made friends very early because they are the youngest. When Jet sees Miri pass by, he stretches head out of the pool to say "hello" and they make noises to each other. "

18. Pippin the Stag and Kate the Great Dane

In 2008 Isobel Springett saved a deer that her mother had left in her garden and put the small animal with her Great Dane Kate in the dog bed. "She stuck her head under the dog's elbows," Springett said to People. "Her overall appearance has changed. I knew she was a good bitch, but I didn't expect her to mother the deer." Although the deer finally returned to the wild, they still came to visit, eventually with their own calves. "There is a strong connection," said Springett, "but they have no idea it is a strange one."

19th Tarra the Elephant and Bella the Dog

Get your handkerchiefs for this: For eight years, Tarra was the best friend of Bella, a dog that had wandered into the Tennessee Elephant Reserve grounds. They had such a strong bond that Bella let the elephant caress her foot over her belly, and when Bella had a spinal injury that limited her to the sanctuary office, Tarra just stood in front of the balcony – just stood there and waited , "Carol Buckley, co-founder of Sanctuary, told CBS." She was worried about her friend. … Bella knows that she is not an elephant. Tarra knows that she is not a dog. But that's not a problem for them. "

But in 2011 Bella was found dead, probably a coyote attack." When I looked around and saw that there were no signs of an attack here. No blood, no tufts of hair, nothing, "said Steve Smith, elephant director, to CBS." And Tarra had blood on the bottom of her torso – as if she'd picked up the body. Tarra moved them. "

20. Anonymous cat and fox

Fishermen on Lake Van in Turkey discovered this wild cat and a fox who played, cuddled and shared fish – a friendship that the men had for over a year

This story originally ran in 2014.

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