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Student residence is a must!

Is your kid going to college this fall? In addition to packing many masks and hand sanitizer, you will need a few other essentials. It is important to pack wisely but don’t forget what you CANNOT bring with you. Check the college’s website to see what each room offers and prohibits.

Despite the many changes at the start of school this year, one thing remains the same: Your child still has to pack all the things that are needed for life in the dormitory. We’ve rounded up a number of products that he or she is sure to appreciate. Below are the following items that you need to pack. Please make sure you receive the best items possible to make your college experience great.


A great set of bedding is probably the best you can get for your student. You need the best hours of sleep to prepare for class each morning. They also need sheets of paper that last the entire school year.

Make sure you check what size sheet your student will need in their dormitory. Most dorms are 5 inches longer than the standard twin. Twin, XL sheets will fit most dorm beds.

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In winter, the dormitory scan gets very dry. A good humidifier with a cool mist will keep the air moist. This helps with dry skin, throat, and nasal passages. However, it is important to keep the humidifier clean. Your child will want to clean them frequently to prevent bacteria from growing and getting into the air.

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You want your child to get rid of all of the noisy distractions of dorm life. Noise-canceling headphones can take your focus to the next level. These headphones are Alexa-enabled too, so you can enjoy entertainment, access information, and manage your day – all without looking at your phone. Lastly, you can adjust the noise level between three settings using the Action button or the Bose Connect app.

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The advantages of a bluetooth speaker are numerous and varied. They connect wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet, or other device so you don’t need extra cables or anything to make them work. This speaker This option allows you to play music from your phone, laptop, or other bluetooth enabled device.

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Hand vacuum

Here is a great way to help your child keep their dormitory clean. This handheld vacuum cleaner is always ready and can be charged for up to 18 months when not connected to the charger. It’s light enough to handle quick dorm pickups. Send them to college with a handheld vacuum, and crumbs and other rodent-attracting debris will be gone in no time

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Keurig coffee maker

The ability to brew a cup of joe day or night is a real perk if the dorm allows coffeemakers or if your child lives off campus. With this Keurig your child can make a hot cup of coffee or toss it on some ice for an ice cold brew. You can also prepare tea, hot cocoa or an ice drink at the push of a button.

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Something that can warm up or cook food is a must for a college student. A microwave comes in handy for a dinner on the run or late night snacks (for dorm living, check if allowed). This smart, compact design offers less space for electronics and far more interior space. All of this results in more interior space and less counter space.

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