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Strengthen your teams with the European split time!

The economic strength of Europe is undeniable. Since accession to the EU, Poland and Slovakia have been part of the internal market, which guarantees the free movement of goods, capital, posted workers and services. How to use and evaluate the benefits of posting workers? AMOS74 gives you some interesting clues …

Europe, an indisputable economic powerhouse

The EU, which was the world's leading economy between 2005 and 2014, contributed 23.64% to world GDP this year, up from 22.37 % for the United States. Since 2015, it has been second only to the US, accounting for 22% of global GDP. With 51

1 million inhabitants in 2017, Europe has an indisputable economic power.

Since joining the EU, Poland and Slovakia have been part of the single market.

Pursuant to Directive 96/71 / EC of the European Court of Justice of 16 December 1996 and Regulation No 1408/71 of the European Council of 14 June 1971, Polish and Slovak temporary employment agencies can provide their services to clients from all countries of the European Union provide. EU, including France

  French companies can therefore recruit Polish or Slovak workers in accordance with the principles of European law and certain provisions of French law. These conditions are set out in Articles L 341-5-8 and 124-1-8 of the Labor Code.

The benefits of hiring seconded employees in his company

It is not new that in the European Union there is a huge shortage of workers or skilled workers to ensure the activities at sites overall seasons of activity. For this reason, hiring Slovak or Polish deputies or temporary workers is an ideal solution for companies looking for staff
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