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Stream hard-to-find movies with a one-year subscription to FlixFling

Halloween is getting closer and that means it’s time to pick up those decorations, plan your costume, and settle on some monster movie marathons. Hot Topic is way ahead of you, with a selection of costumes and accessories based on fan-favorite movies and TV shows Harry Potter, The nightmare before Christmas, Strange things, and Hocus-pocus. We’ve selected some of our favorites which you can check out below.

Harry Potter

1. Beauxbaton’s hat and cape uniform; $ 60

If Fleur Delacour is your favorite character from the Triwizard tournament then this look is for you. Beauxbaton̵

7;s baby blue hat and cape can now be yours to dance around and pretend you’re from the magical French academy for young witches.

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2. Hogwarts Zip-Up Hoodie Cape; $ 55

One of the most iconic parts of the Hogwarts uniform is the cape. The baggy black robes looked so official and mystical in the movies that it almost seems wrong not to wear them if you want to be a Hogwarts student for Halloween. These hoodie capes are available in all four company colors.

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3. Hogwarts Cardigan Sweater; $ 49

Much like the cape, the sweater vests and cardigans that the students at Hogwarts must wear are essential for any costume. You can choose from the four company crests and colors to show your loyalty and at the same time make a fashion statement.

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4. Hogwarts Plaid Skirtall; $ 45

Although this is not a look you would recognize from her Harry Potter Movies, these plaid skirtalls – basically skirt jumpsuits – feature the coat of arms and colors of the house you represent.

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war of stars

1. The Mandalorian helmet; $ 17

With the second season of The Mandalorian Getting out on time for Halloween and starring as one of the main characters on the series is a breeze. And since you probably can’t pull off the Baby Yoda look, this simple mando helmet is your best option.

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2. Yoda pet costume; $ 20

Baby Yoda is for sure the cutest thing to come out of the new Disney + series and there is no shortage of merchandise with that little green face glued on it. From Amazon Echo Dots to slippers and LEGO sets, the little rascal is everywhere. But if you’re more of a fan of the classic Yoda, you can impose your love of character on your dog with this costume, which features floppy green ears and a tiny Jedi robe.

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3. The Force Awakens Rey costume; $ 48

Rey represents a new generation of war of stars Hero and her costume during her time on Jakku The Force Awakens is still her most iconic look. It’s also a costume that is easy enough to put on for Halloween and still feel comfortable.

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4. R2-D2 with pumpkin decoration; $ 50

When the trick or treating stop collecting candy from your house, greet them with this R2-D2 inflatable decoration prepared for Halloween. At around 3 feet tall, this shows your love for a galaxy far, far away and your vacation spirit.

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The nightmare before Christmas

1. Sally Scrunchies Set; $ 10

When you want to hug yours The nightmare before Christmas If you love the more subtle ways, opt for these Sally-approved hair ties that embody the colors of the movie without going too far overboard.

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2. Jack Skellington Button-Up Shirt; $ 35

If Jack Skellington is your ultimate fashion hero, this pinstripe button up shirt is for you. It mimics Jack’s look right down to the unique bat-shaped collar.

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3. Jack and Sally ‘Love is Eternal’ eyeshadow palette; $ 17

Makeup inspired by your favorite characters is key to completing a Halloween look. You can use this palette to create a brightly colored, smoky eye with the hues visible in it The nightmare before Christmas. You can use these colors even long after Halloween if you have mastered your favorite style.

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4. Zero Dog Costume; $ 29

The real star of The nightmare before Christmas must be the dog, Zero, and now you can wrap your own pooch in the ghostly face for under $ 30.

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