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Stranger picks up boys at destination, mother quickly takes a picture

Nobody to babysit

She raced down the aisles, desperately looking for the items on her shopping list. Meanwhile, screams bounced off every corner of the shop, echoing loudly.

She knew that after today she would have more bruises. She already had some of the previous kicking fits. Strangers stared at them with judgment as they walked. A stranger even dared to approach them, then reached out for their boy.

Do a short job


“Are you sure? I only need a few hours,” Rebecca Patterson pleaded. But no one would help her.

Her usual babysitter couldn’t help today and she couldn’t find anyone. She needed the items on her shopping list. She had no choice but to put her children in the car.

Problems early


She put her two month old child in her car seat and then strapped her two year old son next to her.

The two year old had the defiant “No!” Phase. He didn’t want her to put the seat belt on him and beg her, “We’re going to the store you like. Just hold on baby “She got in her car and drove off.



When they reached the destination, she turned and looked at her son. All she saw was the frown that had formed on his face, he wasn’t excited at all.

She could see the signs of a fit of anger. He crossed his arms and began to breathe heavily. They were so close that she had to get the items she needed. She found a shopping cart and went inside.

I want cookies!


She held her baby as she pushed the cart with the other. Her son sat in the car with his always frowning frown.

She was putting in some essentials like toilet paper when her son saw her walk right past the cookie tears that were forming in his eyes and he started crying. “Maybe next time,” she assured him, feeling his tantrum bubbling up just below the surface. Then she saw the dirty looks she was getting.

A few


It seems like her son started a chain reaction. When he started crying, she heard noises from her baby, they were crying too.

Tears ran down her son’s face. Rebecca tried to calm her baby down and grabbed some tissues for the car, but it wasn’t the cookies her son wanted. The tantrum began, he started hitting the cart and tried to get up, a fall for him would have been sore.

Be sure


She tried to calm him down and made sure he wouldn’t fall. But he wasn’t cooperative. The drama went from the cart to the floor.

Rebecca picked her son up and laid him on the floor, at least that way he would be safe. He saw a box on the shelf next to him and threw it on the floor. She heard a stranger muttering to herself: “Shut up.”



Order had fallen by the wayside and now Rebecca had two screaming and kicking children to deal with.

Trapped in the hallway, she knew that she would never get the times she needed now. She stopped in a cry of frustration and held in her tears. Then she saw a strange woman staring at the scene.

Might feel the judgment


Rebecca had heard many buyers mutter their thoughts on the subject. There were lots of “little brats” and “discipline”. Then she saw the woman walking towards her.

Rebecca was preparing, she knew the woman would have an uncomfortable opinion for her. The woman was right in front of her now, tossing her bag behind her and pointing a finger at her son.

Fight or flight

Youtube // ABC13 Houston

Rebecca could see alarm on the woman’s face as she walked there on purpose. Rebecca didn’t know what to do, she felt rooted in the ground.

Her cheeks flashed red and she felt her pulse quicken. She didn’t want to fight anyone in a target while her children were screaming.


Youtube // ABC13 Houston

The woman was Tiffany Jones-Guillory and she was approaching Rebecca. While the little boy was still freaking out, Tiffany was not put off and showed him photos of her own children on her cell phone to distract and calm him down.

The woman asked, “Can I hold your boy?” Rebecca’s eyes shouted a pleading “Yes!” What was happening was something beautiful. Rebecca was so shocked – and relieved – that she pulled out her own phone and took a picture that quickly went viral.

A friendly stranger

YouTube // KHOU 11

“Do you need help?” Asked Tiffany. Rebecca felt her body flood with relief and the tears run down her cheeks as the stranger reached for her baby.

The maternal stranger picked him up and began rocking him back and forth, humming a soothing melody. Rebecca was amazed to see that her son was finally silent. And the compassion continued …

Viral post

Facebook / Aly Brothers

“She walked with me while I got the essentials for the day and held my toddler while it settled down,” said Rebecca. “She saved me today, mothers! I’m so sleepless and kept walking empty. A little friendliness and understanding go a long way. “

Can you imagine how tired and exhausted she was? Not to mention the fact that people looked at them dirty.



Tiffany went out with Rebecca when she finished shopping.

It was such a kind gesture and the scene was so beautiful that she took a moment to take another photo of the moment. The errand was done quickly with the new help and she could finally go home. But then the mother realized something.

More appreciation

Youtube // KHOU 11

Rebecca looked at the photo again. Something was wrong here. Rebecca had been valued a lot, but the woman deserved so much more.

Rebecca posted the photo online, hoping to find out who this stranger was. It wasn’t long before Tiffany saw her face on social media and remembered the moment. It was then the news got wind of the story.

Was there

Youtube // ABC13 Houston

Tiffany sat in front of the camera with a warm smile and described that evening.

It was clear that she only wanted to help and never expected anything in return. She had “been there before”. It is especially important when people are trained to be careful of strangers and we are afraid to help one another.

She had to help

Left MN

“I know how it is. I was there,” said Tiffany. “I have two kids, it’s frustrating and the baby is two months,” she said. “You have hormones … and people look at you crazy and I just wanted to help. God sent me there to help her. “

It makes you think – how many times have you watched a child melt and wondered why the parents didn’t do anything about it? Maybe they’re doing the best they can and all they need is a little compassion. Compassion is exactly what another mother urges people to do when they see this situation.

The meltdown

Facebook / Aly Brothers

Another mother, Aly Brothers, had her own breakdown after taking her two boys to the grocery store for some milk. While that sounds simple enough, her boys had other plans, which resulted in brothers losing it a little and customers casting a bit of shadow.

“That is motherhood. No fancy filters, no good lighting, no new lipstick, ”she wrote in a viral Facebook post. “It’s messy hair that’s wet from the rain, yesterday’s makeup I was too tired to wash off, and tears. Motherhood is tough. Single mom is tough. “


Facebook / Aly Brothers

“Those tears started when the Giant Eagle cashier handed me my receipt and continued the entire drive home,” she wrote. She went on to explain how picky her younger son, 20-month-old Levi, was when they walked into the store.

He was unwilling to cooperate and didn’t want to be strapped into the shopping cart he started tossing things out of – a shoe, groceries, his mother’s wallet. “And he cried. And people stared. That was fine, I could handle that, ”Brothers wrote. As if that wasn’t enough, her energetic 3 year old Bentley son wanted to play Superman by standing on the front edge of the car.


Facebook / Aly Brothers

“I told him to hold on and stand up straight. He did not. He fell off, leaned back, and tossed things off their displays. He leaned back and bumped into a stranger, ”she said.

“Then I let him down and he went too far in front of me and opened all the doors of the freezer and told me everything he wanted. I tried to deal with it. I stopped several times and sat myself and my kids together. The people behind me stared at me. The cashier stared at them. All eyes were on me as if to say, “Can’t you control your own children?” An elderly gentleman whispered, “She’s quite young for two kids,” and I lost it. “

Facebook Rant


In her Facebook post, she further explained what was going on. “I get on very well with my children. They’re usually great kids, and I wanted to tell this guy, “You saw them in a grocery store for 15 minutes. I’ve seen Bentley for 3 1/2 years. So I know him a lot better than you do.

“Don’t judge me, don’t judge my children,” she continued. “We were all here. You did this when you were three. Be compassionate. Show kindness. “



“When you see a child causing a tantrum, when you see a mother close to tears… please say something nice. Please don’t sparkle with judgment, ”she wrote.

“And all the mothers out there who have a day like mine… I see you, I know you, I love you. You are strong and you are fine. “It was clear that her post received more than 65,000 responses and other parents were telling their own stories – and how a little kindness can go a long way. But what if you are a parent in the middle of a child’s breakdown?

Be polite


In a perfect world, your kids would act like angels every time you went to the store. There would be no tantrums, there would be no diaper breakouts, there would be no taking things off the shelf like they were doing a “supermarket sweep” exam program.

But as every parent knows, it will happen. If everyone made one gesture a day (large or small), the world would be a happier place. And as clichéd as the idea sounds, it still sounds very true. What will your goodness be today

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