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Strange ways science is screwed up


The Spitsbergen vault is screwed down

In the middle of the arctic tundra there is a vault, the contents of which contain the key to the survival of the apocalypse. Weapons? Canned goods? Toilet paper? Please, God, let it be toilet paper. No, no and no. They are seeds. To be precise, the vault contains almost a million seeds and grains, including more than 6,000 species from around the world. When the end comes, we can be farmers again like our prehistoric ancestors, albeit without the dinosaurs.

In the years since the opening of this vault, however, the apocalypse has developed from a funny exercise with out-of-control nanomachines and supervolcanoes to something that stares us straight in the face. On a positive note, all of these seeds, right?

<img alt = "We suspect that this is quite apocalypical in the course of the buildings, but we are still disappointed that there are no Mad Max flamethrower guitars." "Width =" 350 "height = "261

" class = "lazy" data-src = "https://s3.crackedcdn.com/phpimages/article/6/3/9/735639_v2.jpg" /> Landbruks – og matdepartementet / flickr [19659006] We suspect this is fairly apocalypical in terms of buildings, but we're still disappointed that there are no Mad Max flamethrower guitars.

Um, no, actually, it turns out to be The seed vault is not an impenetrable, indestructible fortress of loneliness. Thanks to climate change, the permafrost on the island peninsula where the vault is located is melting at an accelerated rate that scientists could never have predicted. It is this permafrost that, together with the air conditioning of the Vaults helps keep the seeds in stasis when we need them.

"Couldn't you install a bigger air conditioner?" Maybe, but that won't help much in the long run. The loss of the surrounding snow, ice, and permafrost could also cause the vault to become structurally unstable, as has happened with several nearby houses and structures that have started to shake as the icy bedrock in which they are anchored , jiggling has started to melt.

And by the way, the vault melts . In 2017, molten permafrost water flooded the vault's main entrance, damaging a number of electrical devices and forcing a total of $ 13 million in renovation work. The seeds were safe all the time because they're locked behind a secondary safe door, but this shit is still worrying considering Spitsbergen will be between seven and ten degrees hotter by 2100.

So put it away; Don't get too involved with carbohydrates.


Nobody can agree on what to do with the last remaining smallpox samples.

On May 8, 1980, the 33rd World Health Assembly was announced to the world and announced that smallpox – a disease that mankind since 10,000 BC Chr. Haunted – were torn from life.

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