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Strange urban legends from around the world

The reason urban legends work so well isn’t because they’re scary, but because they happened to someone you know. It’s no longer a fictional story in a book, but a shared story of a community or place that gives them more credibility than any ghost story we can ever come up with.

While most of the well-known urban legends we know are likely entirely fictional, they are worth mentioning because they don’t seem to be going away. If someone mistakenly mistook a pile of stones for a race of giant people living in the mountains, the myth would quickly vanish as it would not be corroborated by anyone else. The only reason people would continue to believe would be if they kept finding clues that prove the theory to be correct. That plausibility ̵

1; combined with our inherent fear of an unknown place – is what makes these urban legends from around the world so scary.

This is an addition to one of our previous lists as presented by our YouTube host Simon Whistler. Read the full list!

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