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Is there anything Steve Martin can’t do? Not only is he one of the most popular comedians and actors in the world, he’s also a writer, musician, magician, and art lover. To celebrate his birthday (he turns 75 today), here are 10 things you might not have known about Steve Martin.

1. Steve Martin was a cheerleader.

As a pen guide (as he mentions in a yearbook signature) at his Garden Grove, California high school, Steve Martin tried to invent his own cheer, but “Die, you sauce lolly,” he would later recount Newsweekdidn’t come across as good.

2. Steve Martin’s first job was at Disneyland.


7;s first job was at Disneyland, which was only 2 miles from his home. He started selling guidebooks and kept $ 0.02 for every book he sold. He graduated from the Magic Shop on Main Street, where he got his first taste of the gags that would later make his career. He’s also learned the rope tricks you see in Three friends! from a rope winder in Frontierland.

3. Steve Martin owes his writing job for the Smothers Brothers to an ex-girlfriend.

Thank you to a friend who got a job to dance The Smothers Brothers Comedy HourMartin landed an appearance while writing for the show. He had absolutely no writing experience at the time. He shared an office with the late Bob Einstein – Albert Brook’s brother, better known to some as Super Dave Osborne or Curb your enthusiasmMarty Funkhauser – and won an Emmy for writing in 1969.

4. Steve Martin was a candidate The dating game.

While writing for the Smothers Brothers, but before he became famous himself, Martin was on an episode of The dating game. (Spoiler alert: He wins. But did you have any doubts?)

5. Lots of people thought Steve Martin was a regular show Saturday night live.

Martin has hosted and made guest appearances Saturday night live So often in the 1970s and 1980s that a lot of people thought it was a regular series. He was not. He currently holds the second highest record for the number of guest appearances on the show at 15. (Only Alec Baldwin has more at 17.)

6. Steve Martin’s father wrote a review of his son’s first SNL Appearance.

After his first appearance on SNLMartin’s father, the president of the Newport Beach Association of Realtors, wrote a rating of his son’s performance in the corporate newsletter. “His performance did nothing to advance his career,” wrote the older Martin. Martin’s father once said to a newspaper: “I think so Saturday night live is the worst thing on TV. “

7. Steve Martin popularized the air quote.

If you find yourself doing more air quotes with your fingers than you really want, thank Martin. He popularized the gesture during his guest appearances on SNL and stand-up performances.

8. Steve Martin quit stand-up comedy in the early 1980s.

Martin gave up the stand-up comedy in 1981. “I still had a few commitments, but I knew I couldn’t go on,” he told NPR in 2009. “But I think I could have continued if I hadn’t had anything to do. But I had something to see and that was movies. And you know, the plot had gotten so well known that to go back I would have had to create a whole new show from scratch, and I wasn’t up to it, especially when the opportunity for filming and filming came up. “

9. Steve Martin is a major art collector.

As an avid art collector, Martin owns works by Pablo Picasso, Roy Lichtenstein, David Hockney and Edward Hopper. He sold a hopper for $ 26.9 million in 2006. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that Martin is immune to fraud when he’s rich and famous: in 2004 he spent about $ 850,000 on a piece believed to be by the German-Dutch modernist painter Heinrich Campendonk. When Martin tried to sell the piece “Landscape with Horses” 15 months later, he was informed that it was a fake. Although the painting was still sold, it was at a great loss.

10. Steve Martin is an accomplished bluegrass performer.

Lots of people already know this, but we wouldn’t be sure if we didn’t mention that Martin is an extremely accomplished bluegrass performer. With the help of high school friend John McEuen, who later became a member of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Martin taught himself to play the banjo when he was 17. If you see him on stage these days, he’s probably playing a banjo with his band, the Steep Canyon Rangers. As seen above, they make adorable videos.

This story has been updated for 2020.

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