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‘Star Trek’ warned us that the 2020s were going to suck

In case you haven’t noticed, the future we currently live in isn’t that great. Instead of hoverboards and flying cars, we have a global pandemic, virulent police brutality and a president whose catastrophic behavior in the EU seems too unrealistically exaggerated RoboCop Universe. A group that may have seen all this sewage tsunami? Trekkies. Sure that Star Trek The universe is bright and full of attractive people in colorful pajamas. But canonically, Trek has always claimed that the 21st century (her past) has been a pretty bumpy ride.

One of the best episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine“Past Tense” noted that Commander Sisko and Dr. Bashir were accidentally set back to 2024 due to a timing anomaly and what appeared to be Chief O̵

7;Brien’s total incompetence. What they find is a decidedly less friendly earth. Our heroes are immediately rounded up and taken to the Sanctuary of San Francisco, a walled detention center for the homeless in the city.

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The sanctuary is run by a heavily militarized police force, and as soon as Sisko and Bashir enter, they find that it is mostly only mentally ill citizens who are detained and not treated. Sisko realizes they are only days away from September 1, 2024, the date of the famous “Bell Riots,” when a handful of prisoners take some guards hostage and ask the governor to dispatch the National Guard and SWAT teams killing hundreds of innocent people in the process.

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CBS television

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