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Star Trek Promotes a Conspiracy Theory for September 11 … Again?

Spoiler for the first three episodes of Star Trek: Picard

While Star Trek was traditionally a franchise built around the central premise and in a comfortable chair in front of a giant sat television seems to be quite nice, Star Trek: Picard is a completely different Trek series . The new adventures of everyone's favorite captain of the Hairless Enterprise include murderous Romulan ninjas, admirals dropping F bombs, and characters skyrocketing with futuristic weeds. Most troubling is the fact that Picard's Starfleet is no longer the beacon of progressivism and do-goodery that it once was. Instead, they welcomed xenophobia and isolationism after a terrorist attack involving androids on Mars. This is the prerequisite for 24: The Next Generation is a central point of action for Picard.

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