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Sports activities for the new normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives and created a new normal that most people are learning to live with. The crisis affected almost all of our industries. Everyone is struggling to adjust to make a living and stabilize the economy. The sports industry plays an important role in coping with the new normal. Although leading companies around the world advise against exercising, there are still non-contact sports that you might want to participate in knowing that it is much safer than contact sports. Here are some non-contact sports for the new normal.

Table tennis and tennis

Table tennis and tennis are great sports for getting good health benefits. As a non-contact sport, you can continue to play table tennis and tennis without fear of direct contact or the risk of injury. Both games offer mind-body stimulation, social interaction, and aerobic exercise.

Here are some of the skills and health benefits you can develop from either sport.

  • Hand-eye coordination – you can improve your concentration, mental alertness and mental acuity through an intense match.
  • Developing Reflexes – The size of the field, table, and ball helps develop sharp reflexes, improving fine and gross muscle movements.
  • Burns More Calories – Tennis and table tennis burn large numbers of calories for each game while having fun.
  • Joint Rehabilitation – Both sports are great for people with a history of back problems, knee surgery, or ankle twisting at other games.

Yacht races

Yacht racing is a creative event where you can achieve good overall health and fitness. The event can improve your physical and mental state, as you will appreciate all the game and the most beautiful features of nature.

Here are some health benefits you can expect from yacht racing.

  • Improved Endurance – During the yacht race you will notice some forms of exercise that are built into the sport. Pulling on the yacht increases the muscular endurance in your upper body.
  • Develops Stronger Cardiovascular Health – Yacht Racing helps improve your cardiovascular health. It also helps reduce your risk for high blood pressure, obesity, and other related diseases.
  • Better Emotional State – Yacht racing is not your normal daily activity. When you attend an event, an exciting adventure awaits that will promote your mental and emotional health.
  • Enhances Alertness – Every race requires much-needed attention to all specific details. Pulling and lifting sails makes you more flexible with any task on a yacht.


Chess is a great sport to participate in and it also helps you distance yourself from other people. Now that we are living in the new normal, we can still happily play chess, either face to face or online with an opponent.

Playing chess improves our mental abilities and helps us cope with the new normal.

  • Increases Your IQ – The game of chess contributes to a significant increase in IQ scores. By practicing continuously, chess will help you become smarter.
  • It helps treat Alzheimer’s disease – By improving your IQ, it can help prevent dementia from developing.


Wakeboarding is another activity that you can enjoy without interacting with other people. All you need is a wakeboard and tower like the ones used by Aerial Wakeboarding to keep you fit and healthy even as we face the new normal. Here are some of the benefits of wakeboarding:

  • Healthy body – strengthens arms and legs. They’re also great for making your extremities flexible.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: As you improve your skills, you can also improve your hand-eye coordination to refresh your mind.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the sports industry is one of those that has had great success. When this is all over it would be very different, but this shouldn’t curb our hunger for exercise.

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