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Space related products for astronomy lovers

Do some friends always look up to the sky? Here are some gift ideas that celebrate the celestial bodies they know and love.

. 1 Moonlight ball; $ 12

The whole moon can be thrown out of space and brought close to you. Give this 4-inch moonlight to anyone who needs a little lighting on their desk or in their closet.

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2. Saturn Crystal Puzzle; $ 11

Bring puzzles into another dimension with a 3D crystal model of Saturn. The puzzle consists of 39 interlocking parts, which together form the shape of the ring-shaped planet.

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3. Glow in the dark constellation map; $ 25

Skip the travel poster and make your way to something truly extraordinary. On this 29-inch poster you can see the stars and constellations of the northern hemisphere with the lights switched on. When you turn off the light, the lines fade and the stars and the Milky Way glow vibrantly.

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4. Diagram of space research; $ 40

This all-inclusive map of Pop Chart describes the history of cosmic exploration by highlighting every orbiter, lander, rover, flyby and impactor that will ever enter space. Overall, the graph contains 100 exploration instruments.

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5. Ceramic constellation cups; $ 16

This ceramic mug looks like a simple sketch of the night sky at first glance. But fill it with a hot drink and watch constellations like Cassiopeia, Perseus, Sagittarius, Andromeda, and more, brought to life in a variety of colors. This mug is not only microwaveable, it also allows anyone to glance at the stars regardless of the time of day.

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6. Room tables; $ 40

The melamine plates are a great addition to any space-inspired kitchen, featuring watercolor motifs from the eight planets (Sorry, Pluto!) That make every entrée appear beyond the world.

Buy: Amazon [19659002] 7. NASA Lunchbox; $ 20

Just because you can not travel into space does not mean that you can not feel like an astronaut. This NASA-approved lunchbox is modeled on the canisters used during the Apollo missions to transport film rolls from the command module back to Houston. It comes with three stackable cans that hold up to three cups of food, and a folding handle for easy storage. This is the easiest way to add NASA charm to your office kitchen.

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8. Finders Keepers Shirt; $ 20

Here's a humourous shirt for patriotic friends and family. It features an astronaut on the moon with the triumphant words, "FINDERS KEEPERS." Disgusting? Maybe. Funny? Always.

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9. Planetarium of virtual reality; $ 50

Give your loved one a planetarium to hold in their hands. The device has eight different modes and three hours of audio teaching and is compatible with images from 150 different celestial objects, all of which were recorded by the Hubble telescope.

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10. Earth and Space: Photographs from the NASA Archive ; $ 28

With a foreword by Bill Nye, the science man, this book is perfect for fans of astronomy, science, and photography. With breathtaking photos from the NASA archives Earth and Space you can explore stars, the Jellyfish Nebula, Pandora's Cluster, and more comfortably from your couch.

Buy Now: Amazon [19659002] 11. Solar System Bubble Bib Necklace; $ 55

Scientists may have said that Pluto is no longer a planet, but this bib-like necklace with the planets in our solar system (along with the sun) says something different. With this handmade and colorful jewel you can carry the solar system everywhere.

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12. NASA's LEGO Women; $ 25

This LEGO set not only includes minifigures by Nancy Grace Roman (with the Hubble Space Telescope), Margaret Hamilton, Sally Ride, and Mae Jemison (with the Challenger ), but it also includes one Brochure informing users about these four pioneers who helped make NASA what it is today. With 231 pieces it's not too exhausting for a build, but it may be the most revealing.

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