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Southwest apologizes to the passenger: part two

If you haven’t seen the first part of the story, read on Southwest apologizes to the passenger: Part One first. And now for the rest of the story.

According to the airline, Southwest advises customers to do so “Dress to impress. While the Southwest dress code is relaxed and casual, you are expected to present a clean, neat, and tasteful appearance.” The airline has not clarified what could be considered a dress code violation, however, stated that she had done her best to “promote a family-oriented environment”


The statement expects customers to “use good judgment” and “exercise discretion” when traveling. The set dress code states: “Every situation is very different and our employees are responsible for compliance with our contract of carriage.”

Eubanks flew on her originally scheduled flight, but only after she “covered up” in a shirt loaned to her by a Southwest agent. She criticized the inconsistencies and vagueness in politics that almost prevented her from traveling that day.

“It seemed like everything that was going on was based on personal bias and I just don’t think that’s appropriate,” she said. “If there is a guideline then let that be the guideline for everyone, every day, don’t let it be, Oh, that person is working, so you can wear this that day, but you can’t wear it the next day because someone else is working. The employees were on completely different sides. “

Eubanks wasn’t too happy with the apology or refund, and preferred to see the airline revise their policies and develop a clearer line of what is acceptable so that the policies don’t fall on the shoulders of staff on duty.

“I think you need to update the policy. I think it doesn’t have to be discriminatory. I think my body as a woman, especially a black woman, is constantly being monitored and oversexualized, and that’s not fair to me, ”Eubanks said.

“I think they have to take the initiative and find out what they think is acceptable or not, and that has to be the standard across the board.”

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