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Sorry to write Reddit Creepypasta is still not a way to Hollywood

Fighting artists love telling stories about unlikely success stories of how Harrison Ford worked as a carpenter when he was discovered and occupied war of starsor how Mark Twain published his first novel at the age of 41, or how Optimus Prime edited the grill in a waffle house when he got the role in Transformer. And now thousands of Facebook posts have a new contender: like the Reddit short story My wife and I bought a ranch was bought by Netflix for millions of dollars.

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7;d buy the sequel to “We Bought A Zoo”?

In a fierce bidder war, Netflix signed a seven-figure contract with Matt Query for the rights to its series of Reddit posts, behind which the production company was behind Strange things take the helm of the upcoming filming. My wife and I bought a ranch is a fairly popular series by Creepypasta that was released on Subreddit / Nosleep, a horror short story platform that masquerades as people who ask Reddit for advice on how to deal with their werewolf problems. The story is about a couple buying a suspiciously cheap ranch in Idaho, only to find out that, shockingly, they are haunted. As the rituals escalate to keep the malicious spirit at bay, an extensive war breaks out between the spirit and the ex-marine protagonist, who has graduated as a marine class and will use his training in guerrilla warfare to anger shit ghost – sorry, wrong reddit thread.

It is also not the first time that a Reddit contribution has entered a boardroom in Hollywood. The patient who almost drove me out of medicine was once produced by Ryan Reynolds. In the meantime, Warner Bros picked up Rome, sweet Rome, The famous Reddit story of a group of Marines (again) that was teleported back to ancient Rome to fight with their legions and use their gorilla training wars to shit anger everywhere – no, wait a minute, that’s again other.

But while many topics and articles wonder how one of them was torn out of the darkness just because of talent, persistence, and a healthy dose of luck, Query’s million dollar deal isn’t a real victory for the meritocracy. Instead, My wife and I bought a ranch follows a much more traditional narrative: Matt Query knew a man. Harrison Query, Matt’s brother and an established Hollywood screenwriter, writes the film version of his Reddit story. Harrison also has ties to Netflix and is already working with them to write another adaptation of Netflix The three musketeers.

That doesn’t mean that the success of both queries isn’t deserved (Hollywood says that many mediocre horror stories make a lot of money), but that it sends the wrong message to aspiring creative people. Unfortunately, talent scouts do not search the Reddit threads to put someone in guaranteed glory. Knowing the right people and having the right qualifications always play a bigger role than raw talent. Harrison Ford was already a working actor who was good friends with Lucas when he came through the Hollywood door (after he finished building). Mark Twain was not a Corndog seller, but a respected travel writer when he got a publisher. Optimus Prime was the nephew of Megazord Power Rangers and had a recurring appearance General hospital.

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