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Sommify Wine-Tasting board game is coming soon

Reading wine guides and speaking to trained sommeliers can help you learn about wine tasting, but the only real way to improve your skills is to drink lots of wine. Finally there is a board game for it.

Sommify was founded by the married couple Jessica Bush and Conner “Trash Palate” Taylor to give aspiring wine experts the opportunity to taste blindly in an environment that is not demanding or intimidating. First, you and your favorite drinking buddies each bring another bottle of wine to the table and hide them in the drawstring bags that come with the game (so that each person knows only the identity of the wine they brought with them). When it is your turn to be “The Somm”

;, pour each player a glass of wine and they roll the dice alternately to move through the halls of the wine cellar (ie the board). As they advance, they come across locked doors that they have to open by guessing qualities about the wine – such as visibility, acidity, and tannin levels – that they track on their score cards.

There are also “bottle shock cards” that can help or hinder you on your journey. For example, maybe your vineyard is stained with smoke from a nearby wildfire and you have to jump back two fields. The round ends when a player reaches the end of the board and has correctly guessed the grape and the country from which the wine comes. Then The Somm unveils the bottle and collects the points of all scorecards.

The $ 49 game, available at Kickstarter, is expected to ship in November 2020 and even includes a zoom wine tasting hosted by a master sommelier. And although you can definitely bring your own wine to your game night, the Lifify Vintage developers have put together two wine sets with unlabelled half bottles of wine that are perfect for blind tasting with Lifetime Vintage. It’s $ 75 for three half bottles and $ 95 for four half bottles. When you buy the board game, you get two vouchers worth $ 20.

Find out more about Sommify here.

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