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Sleeping in socks is good and bad for your body

A debate for the ages

Socks, yes or no? This is a debate that people have argued about since its conception. Where’s the stigma? Are you strange sleeping with your socks on or are you wrong if you sleep without socks?

We’ll try to answer these questions by going through all the pros. What do you think is the right way to sleep? But first, what does Twitter have to say on this subject?

Online ridiculousness


“I can’t trust you if you wear socks in bed,” said One Tweeter. Another said, “Good morning everyone except those who went to sleep with socks on” and “I wore socks to bed without realizing that I was disgusted”.

So it seems like people who were socks are being ridiculed. But do you have a counter-argument? Others did not accept it and fought violently.

take a stand

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One user who wears socks said, “Unpopular opinion, but wearing socks in bed is not that bad lol” while his comrade in socks said, “No, you are weird for NOT wearing socks in bed!” .

So the folks at Twitter are pretty divided about the whole “socks on, socks off” argument. But let’s look at the facts. What are the benefits of sleeping with socks on?


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Have cotton around your feet when you go to bed, some pros did. Imagine it is a very cold night and you were under a blanket on your couch with hot cocoa and your best movie.

But now it’s time for bed and you don’t want to give up that cozy feeling. So put on a pair of socks and enjoy the feeling you had on the couch. Your toes stay very warm all night and the cotton can do more than just that.

Socks help you sleep


Your feet will stay warm all night, which means you will stay asleep all night. You will sleep better and your feet will thank you. And who likes cold toes?

What are the facts behind it? Cold feet keep you restless all night and put you at risk of waking up and sleeping much better. Get your socks on non-stop today!

Too hot


We know this sounds like a joke, but unfortunately, if you’re prone to hot flashes, warm toes will fix it. Just wear a pair of socks and you’ll thank us later.

Once you’re under the covers you will notice an instant difference. But why does it work? How do socks help with hot flashes? Getting warmer wouldn’t be intuitive – or you would think so.

More circulation


Wearing socks dilates your blood vessels. This means that you will have much better blood circulation at night. More blood flow throughout the body gives him the opportunity to lower the core temperature if necessary.

Now you never have to have an uncomfortable night, hot flashes or night sweats again! You will feel like you have a new purpose in life now that you can sleep well. You’re welcome!

Treatment of dry, cracked feet


Are your feet dry and cracked? Putting on a pair of socks will keep your feet hydrated while you sleep as they hold moisture against your skin. But it also means that they will make your moisturizing routine a bit easier

Put on a moisturizer and comfortable socks. Now slide into bed and you will see the results immediately. Your skin will feel smoother and your heels will no longer be cracked. But they do more than that!

Regulate the external body temperature


This is how socks help your body cool down while you sleep. But did you know that they also help regulate your external body temperature while you sleep? Your outside temperature and your core temperature are different.

When you wear socks, you’re doing the best of both ways and finding a good balance between your temperatures. Socks can also protect your feet from attack!

Helps reduce Reynaud’s attacks


You may not know anything about Reynaud’s disease, but it can be a very irritating condition that frustrates many. But we have something that will help everyone.

If you lose blood flow to your toes or fingers, they will turn blue and numb. This only happens due to stress or cold. This is an attack by Raynaud. So how can we prevent these attacks from happening?

Sleep better


Wearing your socks to bed can help prevent Raynaud’s attacks by maintaining good blood flow to your body.

So say goodbye to the white and blue fingertips and say goodbye to a good night’s sleep! After all, we all need at least 7 hours of sleep a night. And finally.

Sends sleep signals to the brain


Perhaps the most important thing your socks can do for you in bed is sending a signal to your brain that it is time to sleep. Wouldn’t it be great if restless nights were a thing of the past?

When you lay wide awake in your bed telling your brain to turn it off, it was nothing but a distant memory. Maybe it can be now! But what’s the catch? Good things are rarely free.

A new understanding

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Now that we know the benefits of wearing socks in bed, it’s not difficult to see why some people choose to do so. As strange or rude as others may think, we can understand, can’t we?

But what if it wasn’t all good news? What if wearing socks in bed also had dire consequences?

What are the risks?

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While the benefits are all compelling enough reasons to break down your prejudice before bed, it is good to get the full picture. So what are the arguments against wearing socks in bed?

Is there something gross that can happen? What are the risks? Because there is definitely a downside that nobody talks about.

Hot feet

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Wearing socks in bed poses three main risks. The first that you may already know or have experienced – hot feet. Yes, hot feet.

There is nothing worse than feeling the sweat and warmth in your feet. You’re only guaranteed to have a terrible sleep, right? But why?

Too hot to sleep


You see when your feet are too hot, your body is too hot, and most of us have learned how hard it can be to sleep in hot weather. Throw and twist, wish freezing rain would just flood you.

The next time you jump in your bed, do yourself a favor and take off your socks. You will thank us later!

Bacterial growth


The next one is gross, but it has to be said. As mentioned earlier, socks hold moisture. That said, they hold sweat and bacteria in too. This can lead to all kinds of nasty and uncomfortable skin and foot problems.

So if you plan to wear socks to bed make sure they are fresh. A new pair of socks for every sleep!

A social suspicion

Youtube / Max Zarin

Have you ever noticed a friend or partner who just doesn’t seem to take off their socks? Regardless of an explanation, you will feel like they have something to hide.

It is good if you allow your feet to breathe from time to time. Your feet will thank you, and your friends and partners will no longer be suspicious. So socks or no socks?

So, socks or no socks?


Wearing socks in bed depends entirely on your personal preferences. It is you for YOU. Not your mother, boyfriend, sister or boyfriend.

Everyone is different. So the next time you have prejudiced prejudice before bed, think about the benefits and forego judgment.

Up to you


And if someone gives you trouble or wiggle room for the bedtime you choose, at least you can come back to them and let them know with the science that you now know to aid your choice and defend your decision.

So socks or no socks? Either all, all is well. Do what you want.

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