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Seven Budget-Friendly Tips for Entertaining the Kids


Halloween is looming. It can be demanding as you think about the fact that the season of Christmas is also coming.

With this fact in mind, we have provided tips that would help you plan a pocket-friendly Halloween.

With a lot of events happening, these inexpensive ideas will keep your kids entertained and happy – all parent’s dream.

Plan Movie Day on Halloween

This event is the most budget-friendly of all the available plans – grab your kids, and some snacks carry along with your sofa while you watch a Halloween movie.

With so many options on how you can watch movies with your kids, you are sure the kids would remain entertained. If they have too much homework to do, hiring Best Essay Help seems to be a perfect solution, so you can spend your time together without any worries.

Take an Excursion to the Woods

If it happens to be on a day, the weather is good, and then you can dress up your kids in warm clothes and take them for a spooky walk in the nearest woods.

You don’t have to tire them throughout the excursion. You can also use this time as an opportunity to take autumnal photos and update the family album.

You can also use the opportunity to collect sticks, leaves, and other natural souvenirs to create crafts and arts at home.

Make Cheap Costumes

You could use old sheets that you no longer need again to make a ghost. You can also use a few bin liners that don’t get used anymore to make your kids into a Witch. An old white tee shirt and black shirt would come in handy in transforming your children to Jack Skellington.

You don’t have to purchase Halloween costumes all the time. You can create your Halloween costumes.

It would help bring imagination and fun into your house, and it will also keep the kids occupied for a long time.


You can take the kids treat-or-treating. It has a lot of benefits. It will provide time for you to get out of your house for some hours. Your kid also has the time to show off the DIY Halloween costumes made earlier.

It would also help you save some money on treats for a couple of weeks. If you are willing to be naughty, you can also keep a few for yourself (you deserve it)

Carve a Pumpkin

You can get pumpkins for as low as 1 euros and spend some hours carving them as a family. Ensure you decide on what you want to use the pumpkin and draw out your designs to be able to be cut out by an adult.

If you are not familiar with carving pumpkins, there are tutorial videos on YouTube that explain the pumpkin carving art.

The pumpkin art would not only help pass the time but also provide handy-by-products for your home too. You can use the inside of the pumpkins that were scooped out to make pumpkin soup or another dish.

Apple Bobbing

You get two bowls and a lot of apples. Put the apples in cold water. Remember, your hands have to be at your back while playing the game. It might get messy, so remember to place a towel on the floor.

The game more interesting by creating a scoreboard. The quickest child will win a prize.

This game might end up in kids crying, so it’s mostly advisable to have a few consolations handy. Make it more exciting by including different things to the water.

Throw a Halloween Party

Kids Halloween parties are always fun and exciting, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money. If you can purchase everything you need in bulk, then your kids can play some games with toilet papers such as wrap the mummy.

You can also play one of the popular Halloween games, such as the doughnut game, where the first group of people to finish their doughnut win a prize.

If you don’t use everything you got, you can save it up to be used for another day.

There are several ways that you can entertain your children during Halloween without spending too much. We have provided some of it above.