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See, the proof that DC’s future movie plans are insane

Even the fanboyest of fanboys have to admit that the cinematic universe of DC didn’t turn out exactly as everyone had hoped. Within a decade, Marvel managed to turn the word “Avengers” into synonymous with “great people doing great shit together” while “Justice League” is the most widely used phrase today to mute on Twitter, if you don’t I want to see 200 randos screaming about Zack Snyder at all times. DC had one loooong Ahead of Marvel when it came to movies, but they blew him on plastic nipples and awkward Jesus poses. (Just like our college years.)

The point is that the DC film verse is not in good shape. And based on the latest news – like both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton to appear as Batmen for years to come lightning Movie ̵

1; it sure looks like DC is doing the same thing it did in the comics when one of their universes doesn’t work: flush the cosmic toilet and crisis all gone.

Behold, the proof that DC's future movie plans are insane - A comic book cover for Crisis on Infinite Earths featuring several super people

Dc comics
“Sorry, we just need a Superman. Out with the shit you go.”

For strangers Crisis on infinite earths In this way, in 1985, DC attempted to simplify the gloriously tangled mess of continuity. For decades, DC has hoarded multiple versions of its characters living on different “earths” – parallel realities in which the characters were older or evil. uh, or rather rabbit-shaped. With the crisisThey tightened the DC Universe into a single earth, at the low cost of killing billions of fictional people (and pissing off a similar number of older fans).

But DC’s editors played with forces beyond their understanding or control. Pretty soon, this new “streamlined” Earth was filled with more and more continuity problems because chaos and madness are in the DNA of the DC Universe. If the DCU is indeed a sentient organism, as some like writer Grant Morrison claim, it must live in a permanent state of stoner-like confusion, constantly forgetting where she left her phone or why she went to the kitchen. So DC had to pull another one crisis that redefined their timeline in 1994 … and another one in 2005, 2011, 2015 and 2019. It’s only a matter of time before we get one Crisis in endless crises in which all these comics also become sentient and have to fight against each other.

Behold, the proof that DC's future movie plans are Bonkers - comic book covers for Crisis and Zero Hour, two DC comics dealing with the multiverse

Dc comics
You will compete against each other by seeing who can kill the most lightning bolts.

So DC’s MO in the comics is pretty well established: when their current reality starts to stink and fans get nervous, they conjure up some kind of cosmic threat and use it as an excuse in history to remake / reshape their entire universe. That sort of thing could only get through in comics where the budgets aren’t huge, there aren’t any actors to cast, and the audience is nerdy and used to meta-textual gimmicks.

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