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The Waterbell book printer gives readers and art lovers alike a new reason to revisit Herman Melville's Moby-Dick with these beautifully illustrated editions of classic history. Waterbell has worked with artist Ben Howe to create these unique editions that produce atmospheric, fully-painted works of art designed to capture the atmosphere of Melville's writing.

The various editions are available from Kickstarter, and there are several ways to support this project. For $ 27, you will initially receive the hardcover collectable edition with six full-page illustrations and illustrated end sheets. Everything is tied together in a jacket with a Howe design.

A limited edition hardcover copy is available for $ 1

66. Together with the same artwork as in the Collectable Edition, these books are hand-sewn, signed and numbered by the bookbinder. For $ 3305 you get the original painting Burial at Sea from the book.

It is not the first time that Waterbell has worked with artists to give the classics a fresh look. Other stories include pride and prejudice Alice in Wonderland and more. According to their website, only 1440 copies of their editions are created. The books made to order are carefully made with a hammer to bend the back, a needle and thread to bind the pages and many other techniques.

Howe took an equally careful approach to creating the artwork for Moby -Dick . He started sculpting the motifs of his pictures out of clay to destroy the sculptures once the painting was done.

At $ 1246, the campaign has quite a bit to do before it reaches its $ 2645 goal, but you can help bring it The project will come to life by March 18 by going here.

If you can't get out of the white whale, read this special pop-up that was released at the time of Melville's 200th birthday last year.

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