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Save another 40 percent on these 10 cybersecurity apps

The freedom from browsing restrictions can sometimes lead to a cybersecurity problem. Rate any of these VPN services and other smart apps for peace of mind and you can save another 40 percent just using code OCTSALE40 today.

1. Nordpass Password Manager // one year subscription; $ 18 (70 percent off)

Protect and manage all your passwords in this vault, which is based on the latest encryption algorithm. Two-factor authentication ensures that any information you store there is safe from hackers and curious friends.

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2. Fastestvpn // Lifetime Subscription (5 devices); $ 1
2 (52 percent off)

There are many VPN products out there, and this one protects you best, with 99.9 percent availability for access to 350+ high-speed servers almost always.

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3. Password Boss Premium // lifetime subscription (three devices); $ 12 (92 percent off)

Never try to hack into your own profiles and programs for 40 minutes again. This app automatically saves and fills in all of your usernames and passwords so you no longer have to memorize complicated alphanumeric blobs.

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4. Vpnsecure // Lifetime Subscription; $ 12 (97 percent off)

This VPN promises no logs are recorded, which means you can surf the internet without tracking your recording. The result is undetected and completely anonymous surfing together with Smart DNS.

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5. Slickvpn // Lifetime Subscription; $ 12 (99 percent off)

Traveling and posting photos or using a coffee shop as an office can make internet privacy and security difficult. SlickVPN offers HYDRA protection for anonymous surfing and an encrypted connection in over 45 countries.

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6. Expedite 10 Bonding Vpn // Three-year subscription; $ 36 (66 percent off)

This VPN uniquely uses channel bonding technology to distribute online traffic across all available connections for the best performance. If one connection is lost, you will be automatically backed up to another while all your data is protected with VPN encryption.

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7. Geozilla Phone GPS Locator and Tracker App // Premium Lifetime Subscription; $ 17 (94 percent off)

Protect yourself with this smart app that geolocates users in an emergency to connect family members, monitor activity to prevent texting and driving, and more.

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8. Keepsolid Vpn Unlimited // Infinity Plan (10 devices); $ 35 (88 percent off)

This plan protects you on up to 10 devices, which makes it great for tech fans with any device or a family with multiple devices in all members. Every device receives the same access worldwide to over 400 VPN servers and military encryption.

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9. Elephantdrive 1000gb plan // two-year subscription; $ 23 (90 percent off)

Secure up to 10 devices with AES 256-bit encryption to easily switch between devices without compromising your cybersecurity. With 1000 gigabytes of storage space, you’ll never run out of storage space.

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10. Passpass Manager // One-time Premium Lifetime License; $ 15 (75 percent off)

This password manager generates unique passwords for you and then saves them so you never forget them. You are the only one who can access them with face and touch identification.

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