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Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man 2’ was almost waaay darker

Before the franchise turned into stories of evil alien symbiotes that forced their hosts to buy black American Apparel hoodies and jazz dances …

… Sam Raimis Spider Man Series gave us one of the greatest superhero films of all time. Spider-Man 2 was written by a number of screenwriters (including Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Chabon). Oddly enough, none of the names belonged to the legendary screenwriter David Koepp, who wrote the first film. Well, it turns out that Koepp did write a follow-up even though it was eventually scrapped.

Now there is good news for movie fans and horters of PDF files. Koepp has made almost all of its scripts available through its website, including early drafts and unproduced projects such as: B. his version of Spider-Man 2 titled Amazing spider-man. And it̵

7;s damn different. For one thing, Peter Parker learns that his parents were not killed in an accidental plane crash, but worked secretly for the government and were murdered by their colleague Otto Octavius, who was soon to become Doctor Octopus.

Sam Raimi's 'Spider-Man 2' was almost waaay darkerdavidkoepp.com

Koepp also introduces Gwen Stacy and her father, Captain Stacy, who dies and saves a child from Doc Ock. But since Spider-Man tries to save him, everyone thinks He is the killer. The Daily Bugle calls him “COP KILLER!”

Sam Raimi's 'Spider-Man 2' was almost waaay darkerdavidkoepp.com

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