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Richard Bong: A US fighter pilot who shot down 40 Japanese planes during World War II

In a nutshell

It is not an easy task to join the military and thrive in such a demanding environment. After all, most situations – more at the front – are life or death. Now, in the United States Air Force, being one of the best in your profession among thousands can be extremely difficult. But Richard Bong proved that he was the largest US fighter pilot during World War II …

The bushel

World War II was mainly about the Nazi regime, and many countries fought over Hitler's crusade's devastating end , During the first two years of the war, the United States retained its own resources, but supplied Britain, China, and the Soviet Union with a variety of war material.

However, that changed quickly as the Japanese decided to attack them on their own shores. Yes, we are talking about Pearl Harbor. The Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service published a flood of bombs on the Hawaiian coast in December 1

941. This particular battle gave President Roosevelt a solid reason to enter World War II.

But before they could unite with their allies, they had to push back the Japanese and make them withdraw from their territory. One very important aspect of this mission was the United States Air Force because it was their job to tear the enemy out of the sky. It was a very grueling battle and many, many lives were unfortunately lost, as was the U.S.S. Battleship

American people appreciate and commemorate anyone who has fought for the freedom of the United States and all of the 2,403 victims. But if you look back in history, it's interesting to see who the outstanding artists were. One of them was Richard Bong, a young man born in North Hollywood, California.

During the Battle of Pearl Harbor, Bong was just 21 years old, but had the weight of his country on his shoulders. Surprisingly, he was able to withstand this pressure and ended up with nothing less than heroic deeds. When the Imperial Japanese Navy swarmed the area over Hawaii and damaged the American fleet, Major Bong was part of the team that essentially fought fire with fire.

It was reportedly attributed to him being the launch of about 40 Japanese aircraft Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighter jet. This number is amazing, considering it was a surprise attack, so the American force had very little time to plan and react. But it was this number that earned him a Medal of Honor and the label as the best flying ace in the country.

After the war, Bong was test pilot at the Lockheed Burbank plant, where he was supposed to test the P-80 shooting star. Having been able to survive the Battle of Pearl Harbor, he could not survive the malfunction of his plane. The P-80 fuel pump did not work, the altitude was too low to set up the parachute, and unfortunately it crashed into a nearby field.

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